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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Life.

Wangari-MaathaiThe notion of conservation is not a new one, in Japan there has been a tradition of not wasting resources known as ‘mottainai’ which has become the catch cry for a campaign in Japan to reduce waste. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, environmentalist, activist and parliamentarian, has brought this concept to the rest of the world. We need to become more responsive to our environment and prepared to dive deeper into our inner resources if the world is to continue with humans upon it.

In order to do this it is helpful to do with less, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable materially but you put thought into using your resources as efficiently as you can. I have become accustomed now to having some kind of compost operating wherever I go, that and recycling mean that I often only create one small bag of rubbish for the week, and that is often the case even with two of us! This is a relatively recent change for me, in the last five years, now it seems like the norm to me, all the house sits I do have some kind of arrangement to compost and pretty much everyone recycles these days.


This is all really important stuff but it’s important to remember the implications of mottainai when considering what you want to be doing in the world, what is your purpose and how you can bring your particular gifts into expression. Being inspired and passionate about things and then not following through is almost a bit arrogant to be honest even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Who am I to refuse the flow of spirit through me? The more of us who step into our larger selves and recognise the interconnectedness of all things, the more the world can be tipped towards massive change for the better.


Here is a song that I’m learning with my choir at the moment called “Mottainai”, the words have been going round and round in my head as I sit in front of the fire and has produced this bit of reflection on my part, I hope you enjoy!



The Present Is A Gift So Be Here Now.

From "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass.

From “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.

We live in tumultuous times and my chosen path is to navigate through shifting sands, while remaining fairly harmonious and doing the entire thing with a certain amount of ease and grace. Or  at least that’s the plan, I try not to get too far ahead with the details of what I’m creating, by the time I get there details will have quite likely changed, sometimes drastically so. It is the closest I can be to living in the moment, in that space a lot of the time but stuff does still get triggered, which will often bring up the past, and also fears around the future.

Am I house sitting, renting or living with my mother, the how, why and when of all this possibility continues to be perfectly fluid, I hold a piece of potential in my hand and look to the future. I can see how it might shape that landscape but in the next moment it might change completely. So I do my best to give myself to the moment that I am in, and what I find is that the present moment is usually pretty good, nothing to stress about.

I guess I’m challenging the part of me that worries about survival, roof over the head and food on the table kind of thing, we do live in uncertain times and faith is essential in order to be a calm space amidst the chaos that is modern life. The thing is I have never been in the position of not having somewhere to live, I’ve been living in some very nice places with my house sitting. And the food I eat is largely organic, and with very little in the way of processed products, as much a whole food diet as I can manage while listening to the body’s changing needs.

I am feeling a lot more trusting though, everybody is entitled to being a bit shaky from time to time, it’s called being a part of the human race! Most of the time I am very happy on my path, often intensely so, seems that the struggle has finally been let go of, as the  future opens up pregnant with possibilities.


So be it, so be it, so be it……………