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Loving Earth.

After a day spent in another space-time reality, timeless and deeply connected to the energies moving within Durga, the mother, I come home to a HeartFire Gateway message that moves me to write a poem. The message was:

So what then is it?

What shall it be?

What truth is the HeartFire illuminating for thee?


My response:


The HeartFire held at the centre of me

spirals into the vortex

that spins at the core

a many petaled lotus flower

opening to receive

holding space

radiating love

moving more deeply

into the fullness

that I be

when I spend time

with thee.


Its time to follow the guidance that first told me I had to go to the country so that they could communicate more clearly with me, and to do ceremony on the land, some ceremony I am already participating in and it is taking me deeper and deeper……………as I listen to the voice of the land, so shall the land speak through me. I feel so blessed to be where I am, perfectly poised on the edge of the unknown, serene as The Fool who has such faith and trust in life, knowing that as I surrender to divine timing, my divinity shines forth, radiating love. Love really is all you need………………………..

The Beatles knew……… http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xmk14_the-beatles-all-you-need-is-love_music


Divine Love.

I had a day recently when I felt great compassion for someone who I have very mixed feelings towards, there is a deep connection but to open my heart fully would be not only foolish, but actually dangerous. Sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it, but I am not exaggerating here, I told the story of being attacked on a psychic level in an earlier post (All The Freaky People: 2 July 2013), it was very frightening and I was sick for four days. I definitely don’t want to go through that experience again, once was more than enough.

So it was a challenge to walk the fine line between compassion and protection, it brought up a lot of fear for me but I managed to navigate my way through, I stayed in my heart but kept my boundaries firm and clear. It wasn’t until the next day I read what the message of the HeartFire Gateway had been for that day (The HeartFire Gateway: 14 Aug 2013), it was all about honouring the Divine Self and asked the question, how will you BE LOVE today. I smiled, because the answer to that question was so very clear, to love our dear friends is the easiest thing in the world, but to love one who has done you harm is much more difficult.

Ma Durga: The Divine Mother.

Ma Durga: The Divine Mother.

Kabir said: “Do what you do with another human being, but never put them out of your heart”, to BE LOVE is to be your essential self, it is who we all are underneath all the stuff. When we are in our hearts we are in our divinity, we are present to life and its infinite possibilities.

This beautiful song from Donna De Lory captures the essence of this feeling of being love, it is about the Divine Mother, an exquisite combination of sacred chanting and pop music, enjoy and feel into your heart!


And just for a bit of fun here is another kind of love from the Divinyls, sexy sensual Chrissy Amphlett singing about how she touches herself, what a siren!

Chrissy Amphlett.

Chrissy Amphlett.


I Love You Mum.

The rains have come to our town and everyone is so grateful for the water pouring from the sky, not coming with storm and wind this time but plenty of it for the dry and dusty gardens and the water tanks. I look outside my window and all the different shades of green are glistening with the moisture, life is waking up, I can hear the birds celebrating!

I look around my room, here I am back at mum’s place, it’s comfortable but I am finding it a bit of a struggle finding my inspiration here. Not that creativity really need depend on where you are, if it truly matters to you then you can find it wherever you are, and I am determined to make this so!

Even as I write those words the answers begin coming to me, I need to connect with the earth, to go and walk on the land and feel the mother beneath my feet. And what better way to prepare for World Sound Healing Day! Here I am living in the beautiful country, and I rarely go out to places that are a hop jump and a skip away.

We inter-breath with the rain  forests, we drink from the oceans.  They  are part of our own body.  Thich Nhat Hanh

You didn’t come into this world.  You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  You  are not a stranger here.  Alan Watts

Perhaps I will tell you the story of being buried in the earth in my next post, it was an incredible experience that taught me so much. The wisdom of Gaia is great, and if we can find the time to pause and connect with her, she has an infinite source of knowledge and understanding to offer us.

Thank you Mother, for always being there for me, even when I have been unable to be there for myself, you have been present beneath my feet. Your beating heart has kept time with the thunder of blood rushing through my veins, the dance of neurons sparkling through my brain. Always have you been here, my beloved, my beloved, my beloved…………………