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Listen To Your Bodies Wisdom.

Food heartThe emphasis on satisfying the body’s needs continues in my household and it’s not just me! My dear Beloved has been suffering with an injury that is changing the way he treats his physical self, or at least is encouraging him to do things differently. Thank the Goddess that I am on the other hand experiencing greater strength in my body and increased energy. We seem to take it in turns when it comes to having big challenges and this time is no exception. So when we moved into a house sit this week I had to do all the packing and lugging over the day and then go and work an overnight shift that same evening. And I was tired but I managed it all without getting overwhelmed and was able to be there for my Beloved as an emotional support too.

slow and steady wins the race

The fact that I was able to do that tells me that the healing program I am engaged in is working. That and also my approach when I have a lot to do which I call, slow and steady wins the race. So I am getting better and the pre-cancerous lesion is also looking like it’s changing, it seems to be fading which has to be good right? I will get it checked later this month but the signs are all good that using food as medicine is producing a much healthier body. Seems a bit bloody obvious really but we live in a world where the medical profession has completely ignored this fact up to now. I read an article the other day that talks about studies showing that cancer is a disease of the modern era. Again it seems very bloody obvious but there are so many vested interests that don’t want us to know this. And how it can be possible to treat cancer and other health issues without resorting to drugs or chemotherapy.


Healthy bodies yoga food

Anyway that’s it for me now, I could go on and on about vested interests causing immense suffering but lets save that for another time. I am eating the right fuel for my body and feeling great so I am currently living proof of the efficacy of food as medicine!