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The Right Kind Of Crazy!

Be careful what you ask for……..for the Gods may give it to you, how many times have you heard that phrase, one could also say be careful of your thoughts and language, because your brain will take it as the truth. When you consider some of the internal dialoguing that goes on for many of us, the logical outcome is a life that has nothing to do with what we really want in our lives. I’ve written on this subject before when I talked about manifesting a relationship in my life, that was “Seducing the Frontal Lobe” on April 9 2013.

I am now going to humbly admit that I didn’t do what I said I would, if you were reading my posts in the time following you will be aware that I was being triggered in HUGE ways and so was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Although in a way I was working on my stuff around relationship, just not in the context of being ‘in’ a partnership, the upshot of it all is that a lot of what was in the way of me allowing myself to receive love was cleared away in that process.

You can read about how re-wiring the brain can create an illness like Bulimia by checking out Shaye’s recovery website, this basic principle can be applied to the creation of any habits, good or bad.

But as far as changing the neural pathways by fooling the brain into thinking that what I want in my life is actually here now, that I didn’t do. To briefly recap, the brain will believe anything that you can imagine strongly enough, if you look at an object a particular part of the brain will fire up, imagine looking at the same object and that part of your brain will light up just as if it was actually there. Joe Dispenza talks about this in “Evolve Your Brain” and he reckons you need to spend an hour a day creating your vision, using all your senses.

I’m currently doing a course that is based on the same information, it is about going into an Alpha brain state and then using visualisation techniques to create a picture of what it is that you want. Of course all the theory in the world is worth nothing if you don’t do something with it, that’s the point I find myself at in this moment. I need very much to make certain changes in my life if I am to continue as a person on this planet and I need to change the way I do things if I want to get a different result. You might remember my favourite definition of insanity, doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome.


Let’s hope I’m the right kind of crazy in this case! More on this subject in my next post, love to you all until then!!

Here is an interview with Dr Joe Dispenza, I spent a day listening to him talk once and he is not only inspiring but also a lovely and very humble man, enjoy!


All The Freaky People.

We get affected by each other’s energy fields all the time, picking up on other people’s stuff is a much more common occurrence than you might imagine. I am experiencing this at the moment, my ‘energy vampire’ is having another go, with my defenses down after a couple of nights of not enough sleep my immune system is affected, and one of the bugs going around has managed to gain a foothold. So I am resting and doing meditations where I hand over to my higher self who is once again doing work with my neural pathways to ensure that I am no longer vulnerable.

Neural pathways in the brain.

Neural pathways in the brain.

Sound like crazy science fiction? Sometimes it feels more like a horror film but it is very real, if you allow your intuition to grow into its natural state you will be surprised at the things you begin to pick up. Most people don’t give it any credence and are so numbed out by the drone culture, they have lost any sensitivity they might have once had. Children who show signs of such ability are usually told to stop being silly, or accused of telling lies or showing off.


In fact there is such a resistance to this aspect of our capacity as human beings, I’m having serious doubts about actually putting all this down as something that is happening to me. I go out on a limb all the time and am prepared to admit to some pretty embarrassing things, I mean I actually published a photo of me with my three front teeth missing, what a nightmare that was! Yet on this particular subject I feel really concerned that people will be put off by what I have to say. I’m like two people in one body, the rational one is saying, “People will think you are crazy and will stop following your posts!”, and the other is saying, “This is such important information, you MUST put it out there!”

So here I am, following my intuition as always, if you do think I’m crazy, I hope at least that you appreciate my honesty! And as Michael Frante says, “All the freaky people make the beauty of the world”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=580NWAdGaAo

Seducing The Frontal Lobe.

I’m thinking a lot about getting ready for my new love, there’s an online course you can do called ‘Calling in the One’ facilitated by Katherine Woodward Thomas, and she talks a lot about bringing your lover into the NOW moment. The idea is to feel that he is here now rather than in some future moment that may never arrive, have conversations with him, feel and think as if your love is here NOW.

Of course this is completely in line with current thinking on manifestation, and the study of neuroscience backs all of this information up with scientific evidence. With the advances in technology, scientists can now do experiments where they stimulate the brain in a variety of ways, and then watch the response in real-time. So we know that the brain is much more malleable than previously imagined, and that the neural pathways that we create with repeated negative thoughts can be dissolved and replaced with more positive choices.

Neural pathways in the brain.

Neural pathways in the brain.

So if you want to create something new in your life, no matter what it may be, you need to be really, really motivated, it needs an incredibly strong focus to get the attention of your frontal lobe. Joe Dispenza says that you need to fall in love with your vision, and if you are going to put that much time and attention into it, why not make it the best that you possibly can. He says:

“…….changing yourself by overcoming an illness activates a level of mind that changes the entire body. Creating a new neural network that severs a streak of bad, dysfunctional relationships and brings a healthy, meaningful, loving union into our life has its roots in being wired to worthiness…………If mind and body are aligned, we have the force of the universe behind us.”

Evolve Your Brain (Joe Dispenza. D.C.) Health Communications Inc. p 410.

Joe Dispenza suggests an hour a day to manifest a vision, I actually don’t have that much time every day, but if I map out my vision in detail then perhaps I can be bringing it in at different times throughout  the day. Make it a part of how I think and feel as I go about my daily tasks, it might just work for me, I thrive on change and variety!

Just don’t expect any gory details as the dream begins to manifest, I can say what I like about myself, but when someone else’s privacy comes into it then I will become somewhat discreet. Don’t worry, I may not kiss and tell but I will keep you posted nevertheless.

radiating brainHere is a link to an article from the Chopra Center For Well-Being about how meditation can help to rewire your brain. http://www.na-sd.com/SAND/March-2013/Rewire-Your-Brain-for-Happiness/