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Bigger, Better, Faster……….Slow Down!

Rainbow Man at the Enchanted Gathering.

Rainbow Man at the Enchanted Gathering.

Life has been a little bit crazy what with being between two house sits for almost three weeks, ending in the moving haze I referred to in an earlier post and arriving in a house full of Celtic musicians. Then a couple of days at the Enchanted Gathering with lots of magic, frequencies and dancing, freezing cold and fires burning as the Wizard and the Rainbow Man kept crying, “More wood, more wood!”.

The Enchanted Gathering.

The Enchanted Gathering.

So it’s been very busy and quite intense and my Beloved and I have been enjoying the chance to slow down and begin to get to know our new environment which we now have all to ourselves.  I’ve also started reading a new Diana Richardson book, “Slow Sex”, if you’ve read my posts before you might remember me talking about her book “Tantric Orgasm For Women”. I’ve read the introduction and the first chapter and already I’m feeling very inspired, and not just about sex either, the principles she is talking about can be applied to everything that we do.

couple make love

In fact her inspiration to write the book came from another writer called Marc David who wrote “The Slow Down Diet”, he is a nutritionist and expert on the psychology of eating. He talks about eight qualities that are an integral part of how we are nourished when we eat and it is less about what we eat and more about the way in which we do it. Awareness and relaxation are two of these qualities and you will hear a lot about these in any book on tantric sex worth it’s salt.

passionate embraceWhen you slow down there is an entire world of sights and flavours and smells to savour, and if you can actually relax you offer your body the opportunity to respond to all of this treasure. Most of the time we have ideas about things, whether it be food or sex, that we try to force upon the body. Then when our experience is less than satisfactory we think that there must be something wrong with us, if we can create that ‘perfect’ body somehow it will all made right.

It is so important to nourish ourselves on all levels of our being, bring the sacred into everything that you do and you are well on the way to true fulfillment on a soul level. And remember that life was meant to be fun!

The Faerie Circle: Stillness.

The feeling of  a new energy moving in me, it’s been evolving and now the final refit is done, and I’m ready to ride the wave into a future previously unimagined. This is like an inner tsunami sucking me into the becoming that is what and who I am, is who and what I am, in this NOW moment. I ache for that deeper touch, the one who slips into the cracks and becomes warm nourishment without doing anything at all, except be who they are. I ache for that depth and in that yearning the call is sent, it will be received by those who choose to listen, there is not long to wait.

I am so full it’s hard to imagine any greater fullness, and the fuller I become the more that I move into the stillness, the silence, letting go for now, of all those dear connections………… I felt like I was in a great stillness for the whole of yoga today and time was completely meaningless, it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad, it simply was, and I flowed. And I keep letting go, and letting go, so I guess I could also try not to give myself a hard time when I take a step backwards, it’s called being human and sometimes that hurts a bit, then you breathe and you let go.

Time to dance from that place, move the body and allow it to be a conduit for the energies that are desirous of moving through you, dancing out dreams and visions, throwing out stardust and fairy blossoms! The thing to remember is that the enchantment is always there, we can created special circumstances to highlight it but it is always there, underneath everything.

May the whole world fall under the enchantment of love, of peace and of community, unity and freedom for all.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”
―    J.M. Barrie,    Peter Pan

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”
―    J.M. Barrie,    Peter Pan

Green Fairyearthfairy

On the Brink of the Void.

The year that we are saying goodbye to has been extremely full on, there have been some huge shifts and changes and I’m not really thinking about the larger world, my focus has been with my inner world and with my immediate community. To me true change is about shifting consciousness and while I do assist people in that area with some of the work that I do, at the end of the day it is something we each have to take personal responsiblity for.

Perhaps that’s why I am heading off to the Woodford Folk Festival on my own to celebrate the eve of the new year, it feels absolutely perfect to be doing it this way, I am looking forward to what may unfold. Something is drawing me there, the pull is very strong and so I am following what some might consider a mad impulse. Most people seem to be more comfortable moving in groups and I have moved more and more into community myself this year, but the siren call of the hermit is still a powerful force within me.

I do need to be in that space on a regular basis in order to be centred and to restore my energy, I have been so busy in my wonderful community that I actually had to pull back a few weeks ago in order to come back to that place of quiet strength that the nourishment of solitude provides for me. A seemingly strange topic for what is considered by many to be the biggest party night of the year and perhaps my new year’s eve will end up being a big party, or maybe I will go home early.

I feel like a blank canvas waiting for inspiration and the not knowing is exciting, the womb of creation, the void from which all things arise, the quantum field that is quivering with possibilities………..

Bring it on……………..whatever may come I do welcome thee as I surrender to the flow of the life force.

Ohm Shanti Ohm.

In the dark and empty spaces of the universe, we find the void.

In the dark and empty spaces of the universe, we find the void.