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Hemp: Reefer Madness.


And now for a little trip down memory lane, not that I am old enough to remember the 1930’s but I do remember laughing at “Reefer Madness”, a great example of a very American kind of insanity. There were many reasons to wage a war on hemp, according to this article it had a lot to do with bureaucracy justifying its existence and grabbing more power. Now why does that sound familiar, look at your local council and you can probably find some examples that seem awfully similar, time to do things differently in the very rational hope of creating new outcomes.


In America it is still illegal to grow hemp, even as an industrial crop which doesn’t actually have enough THC to get anyone stoned anyway, even if that was the real issue. In Europe they are growing hemp for all kinds of things, check out my post “The House That Breathes”: 9 October 2013, to read some more about that, hemp is a very sustainable crop and to ignore those sorts of benefits is madness indeed, one that doesn’t require drugs to fuel it. Of course many people end up on a toxic cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs, some of which probably shouldn’t even be on the market, profits come first and so we ignore the potential benefits of medical marijuana. Here is a trailer to the 1932 film, “Reefer Madness”, propaganda of the highest order!


But that’s another post, you see the thing is I can go on and on about hemp and marijuana and the positive things that can come from proper cultivation and use of these ancient substances. And everything else that falls into that category, look to Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic philosophy for knowledge of nature’s pharmacopeia, and there are no doubt even now plants we haven’t discovered yet that may hold the cure for all major illnesses.  Many of the pharmaceutical drugs are modelled on what scientists find in nature, and nature can often help us with little or no side effects, so lets cut out the middle man!

More posts on hemp to come!

B3 May Set You Free.

I speak a lot about nutritional approaches to health practices, generally they tend to provide healing without huge costs and support our ability to tap into our own capacity for self-healing. Therfore they have been somewhat suppressed, but it seems that more and more people are finding out about this stuff, I would like every person on the planet who suffers from depression to know about niacin or B3. According to Beyondblue 3 million Australians are currently living with depression or anxiety, I have spoken to many people who were depressed or anxious,panic attacks too.



I don’t know if it would work for every single person but it surely has worked well for many who have tried this remedy, after all Valium is a copy of the chemical structure of niacin, the pharmaceutical industry recognises its potential. Of course there is no money in it for the industry that has done its best to keep out alternative therapies, but it can’t stay that way forever. So if you know someone who is struggling with depression tell them about vitamin B3, they need to do it with a doctor who understands orthomolecular medicine, as the doses are much higher than anyone would usually have. But don’t worry, no-one has ever been killed by vitamins, the same cannot be said of pharmaceutical drugs however.

It makes sense to me that there are remedies in our own internal pharmacopeia that can help with mental health issues, so much of what creates our worldly identity is chemical/emotional. There is so much less nutrition in the western diet these days, there are a lot of toxic drugs with dubious benefits that people start taking in their lives, and as they get older the list gets longer. Could the rise in dementia have anything to do with that toxic cocktail that many of us end up on as we get older.

Of course for me the rise is in organic fruits and vegetables, certified organic pro-biotic, chia seeds, kale, less or no refined sugar, I don’t take the drugs that doctors like to write prescriptions for, don’t go to doctors much at all!

Even severe, chronic depressions have been lifted with high dose Niacin.
Most if not all psychiatric disorders are rooted in some mineral and/or nutritional deficiency. The good news is, they can easily be corrected, with no drugs, and no chemical dependency!
Also no money for the pharmaceutical industry but that’s OK, they have enough money.

Learn more here:
Video (4:34)

Food Is Medicine.

I’ve been going through my inbox and actually watching some of the things that people send me, and I find myself getting both inspired and angry. So many problems in the world have been solved and yet the information isn’t taken up by those in power. They seem quite happy for the powerless to continue to suffer and die unnecessarily, if they could truly empathise and feel for those people it would not still be happening.

And now laws are coming in in Europe, so that while you can talk about the effects of food and supplements, you can’t have any links to places where people might be able to access the products. The fines for breaches of this law are ridiculously high and it is being put forward as an attempt to improve consumer safety. We wouldn’t want people to stop taking their pharmaceutical drugs and actually start getting healthy on safer alternatives!

So far it is just in the Netherlands, but if something isn’t done it will gradually infect the world and severely impact on our basic rights of free speech. I went to the petition to sign it but it is all in Dutch, and I think you probably have to be a citizen of the EU to qualify.

I hope this attempt to erode democracy does not stop organisations like Nextworld Tv from whom I receive a lot of wonderful information about positive developments in all walks of life:

Our nation is coming apart at the seams,
in so many ways, including the pandemic
of mental health disorders, such as
depression, anxiety, addictions, and the
sky-rocketing suicide rates.

The pharmaceutical industry has cashed in
on an incalculably vast scale, selling pills
for every “disorder” and persuading Americans
that their problems are due to a “chemical

In fact, research shows that the secret and
hidden Holy Grail of mental health is nutritional

There is a very simple and inexpensive
way to insure that nutrients are reaching
your brain.

Watch this video!