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Celebrate The Pollinators: Be Inspired!

bee purple flowerWho  are the pollinators in your life’s experience? Bees and butterflies ensure we have an abundant supply of wonderful and nutritious foods that support our physical bodies. But there is also such a thing as food for the soul and that is just as important, the more that we can be in the space of love and inspiration the easier it is to create harmony in the world at large.

inspiration pink energyThe Beloved is all around us and the more that we can be in loving creative space the more flow is created, so who inspires you to be all of who you are? Which part of your environment opens you to your own divinity and the spark that lies within all people. Focus on that which brings you into alignment with your eternal soul, the bit that moves on in various forms and which sometimes inhabits the strange construction of an earthly body.

The Beloved.

The Beloved is here,

in every breath that I take

the beat of my heart

the song of my blood

as it moves and flows

the organs, tissue, veins.

the Beloved is here,

in everyone I meet

gifts given freely with love

with a word or a glance

from strangers chance met

never to be seen again.

the Beloved is here,

in the food on my plate

as I bite into flesh

grown from the good earth

taking in all her love

through the cycle of life.

the Beloved is here

and I shall not yearn

for something already within,

the stars are inside

they shine with a light

that can never truly go out…….

the Beloved is here.

Copyright K.Laizans 24/11/02

What does your Beloved look like? For some it is finding ways to help the bees as these people from Slovenia have done with a project to repopulate the bees which is crowd funded. Check it out here:


It doesn’t matter what your vision is, we all have our own unique part of the puzzle and the important thing is to trust that Existence knows what it’s doing, and to tune in to Universal Intelligence.

two bodies sensual

My Beloved is here in the form of my man and as long as that opens me to God/Goddess, I think I know what my favourite tuning strategy might be. But be assured that there are many roads to the place of oneness and the only limit on how many is how much imagination we can muster. Are you ready to be an unlimited being and to perceive the abundance in simply being alive and participating in this marvelous creation known as Existence.

When I am truly aligned with the flow of spirit it is hard to be anything other than optimistic, the dark shadows become less but sometimes those inky pools can feel endless and so intense. For a moment and then the letting go which allows more and more light to come in. That moment in time can seem an eternity but if we are consciously connected to our larger self then we know that the terror will be over in the blink of an eye.

Let the Joy begin!

The Pollinators: Beauty And Seduction!

I’ve looked at different ways of organising ourselves as a community in quite a few posts over the last year and I am happy and inspired at all of the wonderful ideas that keep bubbling up. The vested interests can’t keep us down forever and the lid is getting looser and looser, will it just pop off one day? Then we can live in our tiny homes or yurts, off the grid, living a healthy and happy life in a gift economy. Or how about a city where the gardens grow up the buildings and it is designed with features such as pollinating corridors, no-one owns a drill you just borrow it when you actually need it, kind of the opposite to consumerism.

Vertical garden of the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris, France, created by Patrick Blanc

Vertical garden of the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris, France, created by Patrick Blanc

I’ve written on all of these subjects and more, and I’m quite sure it represents a mere smidgen of what is actually literally going on out in the world. So there is a positive story going on in a global context that doesn’t get much press, because if you look at what passes for news you might be tempted to think that we have finally arrived at Armageddon, the ends of days.

Butterfly in flight.

Butterfly in flight.

There is such beauty in the world that most people forget about as they grow older, the child whose eyes opened wide in wonder at the arrival of a butterfly on a leaf, is watching reality tv shows and completely missing the luminescent reality that abounds upon every side in the reality that is right here now! It’s films like “Wings Of Life: The Hidden Beauty of Pollination” that can help to remind people that life as we know it is quite magical and we have a responsibility to care for it.

Beauty and seduction is how Louie Schwartzberg describes the relationship of the pollinators to nature, the love story that feeds the earth. His slow motion photography takes us into a surreal world that is always there before us, unacknowledged and unseen for the most part. Perhaps if more of us fall in love with it we will manage to keep it, and ourselves, from the destruction that may still await us………..if we do not wake up SOON!

Enjoy, Ohm shanti……….