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Miracles, Love And A New Humanity!

environmental-destruction-the-planetTime to step back into the larger world for a moment from the deep inner journey that has been supporting me to step more and more into my own personal power. And I think also that as we grow in stature in ourselves we begin to feel much more effective and able to have an impact on affairs in the world. This makes it easier to consider the unthinkably dreadful things that are being done everywhere in the name of so-called progress and of course the great God Mammon, or money. Because otherwise it all seems quite hopeless and that is not an energy that will motivate anyone to attempt big positive changes in the face of a culture that seems set on destroying the environment and in the end ourselves.

The question is how do we resist such overwhelming forces that have more guns and power than we do. Meeting them in battle isn’t an option because there is no possibility of victory, we need to find other means of creating change. My inspiration for all of this if you haven’t already guessed is the protest at Standing Rock where the people are indeed standing up to protect the water. They want to run the gas pipeline under the lake which is the fourth largest reservoir in the United States, Indian sacred sites are also under threat. This is an incredibly important moment in our history, there may be a fundamental shift in the way in which we perceive what is possible for our future. And as Charles Eisenstein says, this “…..is because we are ready collectively for a change of heart.” If this subject interests you please have a look at this article by Charles Eisenstein. http://charleseisenstein.net/standing-rock-a-change-of-heart/ Another great article you may want to read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-pruett/standing-with-standing-ro_b_12048806.html


The simple answer to all of this is love in action and I’m not talking about some namby pamby circle wank where everyone sings kumbaya and tells each other how fabulous they all are. Love for an activist means standing in the face of pepper spray, rubber bullets and violence from the authorities and staying “off the warpath.” The Native American Elders at Standing Rock have been asking the protestors to act prayerfully in their responses to the situation. When we come from this place then everything truly is sacred and that includes the people who are committing such great crimes against humanity and the planet. Wow, that really is a great challenge and I know for myself that I do fall into the trap of demonising these people. I get angry and outraged and I vent by calling those responsible terrible names.

“Each of these invitations onto the warpath also presents an opportunity to defy the enabling narratives of violence and to take a step toward victory without fighting. It is an opportunity to employ what Gandhi called “soul force.” Meeting violence with nonviolence invites the other into nonviolence as well. Refusing the invitation onto the warpath automatically extends a counter-invitation to the enemy to cease being an enemy.” Charles Eisenstein.


When we join in with the dehumanising of others we are contributing to that energy of violence and war. We are essentially saying that some people aren’t really truly human and this is the beginning of racism and genocide.

Even here in what seems like the darkest hour for humanity there is hope, and the protestors at Standing Rock are a shining symbol of this. Their attitude of non-violence has attracted two thousand veterans who have left their homes and jobs and without weapons have gone to Standing Rock to be a human shield for these brave water defenders. Whatever the outcome we are already seeing a victory for the power of the people when they stand together. May I be well, may others be well, ohm shanti, shanti, shanti, peace, peace , peace……….