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Prayers Of Fire As Bodies Merge!

flameoflovePassion ignites desire and eyes spark, as lips meet in prayers of fire, as a seemingly molten liquid speeds through bodies lit up from within  by the sweet merging of love and opening. A thousand petals gently spreading their tenderest parts to the gaze of the Beloved, feeling the threads of light that connect us to all things, the quantum galaxy of swirling particles. The soul exposed in all its depth and stirring, stirring the stuff that lies within that is finally ready to let go, to let go, to let go………….


The body is finished with this flow, no longer in a super sensitive frame but taking great gulps of sensation as the pleasure takes me on a journey free of thought. Even as the body takes its due harvest I can feel that the ‘stuff’ that is moving is the last of this installment, this layer of the onion, only the mental body catching the last fragments as it goes by. Making worry over nothing in a vain attempt to hang on is the ego’s way of trying to stay safe, let yourself know that letting go into pleasure is the surest way to stay safe in a world that is constantly shifting and changing.


My safe harbour is always there even when there is choppy water and a storm brewing, so I can brave the dark waters knowing that I will never drown, never be lost. And as I release and release the weight of my soul I can dance lightly into the bright future that is revealed as the night’s curtain parts to reveal the birth of a brand new day!

Manifesting Miracles.

I toned, I prayed, the teeth are still here this morning but they feel very strange and are sticking out ever so slightly, I guess you could say the miracle is that they haven’t simply fallen straight out! So I can go to my yoga class and smile at everybody, but after that it’s off to the dentist which is a two-minute walk away, and then it’s miracle time, can they stick this dodgy bridge back in for the third time? If they can’t can I go on with my life with a gap of three teeth at the front of my mouth while I organise (horror of horrors) dentures!!

My appointment is later this afternoon, with a different dentist to the lovely woman I usually see, I am trusting that this is spirit’s way of taking care of me, perhaps he will be better at this particular task. It feels like there are two people in my body at the moment, one feels sick to the stomach, while the other is full of trust and knows that this is perfect timing and that everything will work out to perfection. She who is positive is much stronger in me after the rise in my self-esteem, and she becomes stronger still as I focus on her.

What a grand opportunity to use my spiritual tools to navigate the situation, this writing certainly helps, the fact that it’s being witnessed makes it even more powerful. Once I have finished this post I will meditate and bring to life the reality that I choose to manifest, the dentist will show consummate skills and manage to put the bridge back in. I need to include as many of my senses as possible, the real challenge will be shifting the part of me that is scared, but  I will be kind to her, perhaps that will help her with the fear.

My perfect teeth!

My perfect teeth!

So wish me luck friends, I go into unknown waters with a chart that I hope will help me to navigate into safe harbour…………..may all the Gods and Goddesses be with me as I go.

The Inner Wave.

My last post was inspired by watching “The Inner Wave”, a short film that takes you through a meditative dance journey with the incredible Gabrielle Roth. I didn’t think I liked 5 rhythms but I take back anything negative I may have said about it, I am sure it depends very much on who is facilitating and Gabrielle Roth was a master. I wish that I’d had an opportunity to take a class with her but instead I went online and ordered all three of her dance journeys so I can have the next best thing.

What inspires me the most about her work is how it creates a sacred space in which your movement becomes the prayer, the journey is into the uncharted territories of the self, the soul, deep, deep within. If I have stuck energy in my body I can dance it out, in the dance solutions to problems may come to you, in the dance you are revealed and if there is a witness it becomes even more powerful.

I feel a sadness that in my last years in Sydney I didn’t get to my ecstatic dance classes much because of injury to both of my shoulders. At the time I thought I was taking care of myself, but since then I have come to understand that I was limiting myself unnecessarily, and that I was very much in my ego, my small self. I had been accustomed to impressing on the dance floor, even though I did dance for the love of moving my body there was also a part of me that liked to show off. I could have gone to class and worked within the limitations of my injuries, who knows what riches I would have found on that journey, now I will never know.

So now I must find a way to take that journey, there are no ecstatic dance classes here but I can play the dvds and dance in my own space. Perhaps I can find a place that has room for a few enthusiasts and we can dance together, creating the ocean of love that was always such a beautiful aspect of the classes I did get to in Sydney.

“The object of meditation,” teaches Gabrielle Roth, “is to still the mind – and the fastest way to do that is to move your body……………..The more deeply we enter our bodies and breath,” Gabrielle says, “the more deeply we know ourselves”.

Check out this excerpt from “The Inner Wave”.