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Food Forests Are Fun- And Good For You!

cartoon-bugFor those of us in the southern hemisphere who are experiencing winter, you might be feeling those bugs dancing around you, waiting for an opportunity to make you sick. I’ve gone for whole winters without getting sick but nothing wrong with a bit of a workout for the immune system every now and then. And when you do need a bit of extra help you may look no further than nature where all kinds of fruits abound.

Juicy orange

I am feeling particularly grateful to the citrus fruits at the moment, lemon and orange juice brewed up with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic and ginger. Add a good helping of some fine single malt whiskey once you have taken your slowly simmered medicine off the stove and the alchemy is complete! That’s my recipe for a hot toddy, I don’t remember who I got it from but I do know that it is wonderful for colds and flu. And the fine brew we made came from fruit on the trees here at our latest house sit, abundance comes in many forms and this is certainly bounteous nature at her best!


I’m not sure about some of the garlic but the ginger came from a lovely lady at my Sunday market who sells strawberries, avocados and other yummy things. The honey comes from my local co-op and is raw, so my medicine for my cough was made with very fine ingredients! And when I sent my Beloved out for the whiskey I was happy when he came back with a good bottle, nice and smooth. It’s a funny thing but the only time I ever really want whiskey is when I’m sick with a cold or bug of some description. For me it really is medicine, does a wonderful job of healing and in winter it’s nice to be so hot, but you wouldn’t want to be drinking it all the time.

winter fruit

So if you are in winter at the moment consider whether your immune system might need a boost, when there is a lot of fruit on the trees sometimes even organic can be quite cheap, certainly no more than the commercial fruit. In fact whatever season you are currently inhabiting may well be rich with all the nutrition you need. Nature does seem to balance supply and demand quite well if treated with respect, if you have the opportunity plant a food forest where you live!

I like the sound of that!

Superfoods and Digital Watches.

Ok, so now its back to the subject of food, green smoothies and oil pulling both features of my current adventures into the pursuit of optimum health! With no power for two and a half days I went two whole days without my green smoothies and I really, really, missed them, HUGELY (not sure if that is a proper word but it expresses my feelings)! I had quinoa porridge with banana, sultanas, cinnamon and vanilla, luckily I have a gas cooker in my current house sit, so I could still cook and heat up water for cups of tea.

It was good food, but my body was crying out for its raw greens, fruit, probiotic, flaxseed oil, all that goodness that I’ve only been consuming for just under a month, but already I’m accustomed to it. Alright so I was also going through some pretty full on energetic shifts too, which can get you off kilter, but the point is that finding the right food can really support you in those kinds of processing. It’s all connected, body, mind and soul, it’s no accident that those words tend to come up as a threesome in all sorts of contexts, just try doing a google search on them, and you’ll see what I mean.

And tonight I made myself zucchini pasta for the first time, a really nice organic pasta sauce with some avocado thrown in at the last minute and garnished with grated goats cheddar. It was absolutely divine! This is the kind of simple recipe I need to work out if I am to move more strongly into the raw food journey, I’m not a lover of spending time in the kitchen, so it has to be nice and easy. When it’s mostly raw my body is sooooooo happy it sings!

The coconut oil I have been swishing seems to be giving me strange pimply things around my mouth and very dry lips, I tuned in and asked my higher self if this was ok, and was told it was part of the detox. In reading up about oil pulling, I read a report that some people find that coconut oil has a more intense detoxification effect, so maybe that’s how it is for me. I am taking a smaller amount in my mouth now, and the sores are slowly disappearing, hopefully the dry lips will also improve or I will have to invest in some lip balm. And maybe also consider switching to sesame oil, which is generally what is used in the Ayurvedic tradition that this practice hails from.

What an exciting adventure this is, how could anyone ever be bored in this amazing thing called life, on a small blue-green planet, in a rather unfashionable corner of the galaxy! Or as Douglas Adams once described this world:

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.”
―    Douglas Adams,    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

PS: I was never a fan of digital watches!

blue geen planet

Spirals of Goodness.

Ok it’s official, I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just gave me the coolest present ever! We have  a no presents unless you really want to policy at christmas time, and my brother hasn’t given any for years, don’t get me wrong, he’s very generous, just isn’t into presents.

He has had long-term health problems ever since contracting Ross River Fever a long time ago, and early last year I put him on to a book called “Super Charged Food” by Lee Holmes. She cured herself of Chronic Fatigue when the doctors could do nothing, by researching food as medicine and applying it in her life.

David is a virgo so he is very good and very thorough when it comes to research, unlike his airy fairy aquarian sister! He got really inspired and has been practically living on super salads ever since, he has also discovered equipment to help make great salads, and this brings me to the star of this post!

Enter the Veggie Twister!!!!!!!!!! Mum has been using something called the spiraliser to create long twirly bits out of carrot and zucchini and beetroot, funnily enough I am not a fan of beetroot normally but when it has been spiralised I love it. Go figure, I don’t understand why but I do know that it makes an ordinary salad into something very special. The veggie twister is a lot smaller than the other machine, and so easy to use I was amazed, making my salads has become an entertainment that will not wear off in a hurry. My enjoyment of the finished result will never wear off, that I am quite sure of.

This is an important next step in going more towards a raw food diet, the green smoothies are still starting off my every morning, may do something else from time to time for variety but they are so easy to make and so delish! It is often the simple things in life that bring true joy and the veggie twister has brought such joy and delight into a life already overflowing with goodness!

By the way I apologise for all the exclamation marks, I think I have gone a bit overboard, but it is so hard to contain my excitement, it had to express itself somehow!!

Veggie Twister.

Veggie Twister.

I Go Green.

I had my first real green smoothie today and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I chucked a bit of parsley into yesterday’s smoothie but today’s delight was from the Green Smoothie Bible, positively bursting with kale which is my current favourite green. This new way of eating is going to be full of yummy sensations and flavours, and to top it off, my body feels amazing when I load it up with such good food.

I have some pretty big goals in this lifetime, to heal everything and to achieve optimum health, but I am getting there slowly one step at a time. It’s the opposite of shedding layers of negative thoughts, I add in new healthy habits as I go along, and after a time they become automatic just like the bad habits that are on the way out. I need variety in most things in my life so I like to dip into different ways of doing and being, taking what works for me and weaving it into the tapestry of my existence.

Now I am perusing my raw food recipe book and getting ready to experience a much broader range of tastes, my salads usually have much the same ingredients, and even though I do like my salads it’s time to expand into broader food horizons. It may open a doorway into more entertaining, I find cooking for a dinner party fairly stressful so it doesn’t end up happening very often. Being able to come up with a raw food feast might be a lot simpler, although I will probably have to buy some new equipment, I have the blender but a food processor will also become a necessary part of my new kitchen.

It feels like the new year started for me today, I got back into my yoga practice and my body is practically falling over itself in gratitude for the feeling of well being that this engenders, an inner glow that has been sadly lacking for the last few weeks. I will of course still fall off this path from time to time but as long as I am having fun at the time and find my way back to the path, I have no complaints.

A toast to good health for all!!

green smoothie