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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Life.

Wangari-MaathaiThe notion of conservation is not a new one, in Japan there has been a tradition of not wasting resources known as ‘mottainai’ which has become the catch cry for a campaign in Japan to reduce waste. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, environmentalist, activist and parliamentarian, has brought this concept to the rest of the world. We need to become more responsive to our environment and prepared to dive deeper into our inner resources if the world is to continue with humans upon it.

In order to do this it is helpful to do with less, doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable materially but you put thought into using your resources as efficiently as you can. I have become accustomed now to having some kind of compost operating wherever I go, that and recycling mean that I often only create one small bag of rubbish for the week, and that is often the case even with two of us! This is a relatively recent change for me, in the last five years, now it seems like the norm to me, all the house sits I do have some kind of arrangement to compost and pretty much everyone recycles these days.


This is all really important stuff but it’s important to remember the implications of mottainai when considering what you want to be doing in the world, what is your purpose and how you can bring your particular gifts into expression. Being inspired and passionate about things and then not following through is almost a bit arrogant to be honest even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Who am I to refuse the flow of spirit through me? The more of us who step into our larger selves and recognise the interconnectedness of all things, the more the world can be tipped towards massive change for the better.


Here is a song that I’m learning with my choir at the moment called “Mottainai”, the words have been going round and round in my head as I sit in front of the fire and has produced this bit of reflection on my part, I hope you enjoy!



Abundant Me.

The nights with this cold I’ve had were rather interesting, if not what I would describe as particularly pleasant. That’s when the cough would come and make it hard to sleep, I noticed though that after a really deep racking cough there was a sense of expansion and lightness in my chest that actually felt good. I was also aware of a strong vibration going on at a cellular level that indicated a lot of energetic movement, a big shift of some kind. I keep seeing the Tower from the tarot and the Death card, both of these archetypes indicate fundamental change occurring.


I guess my trip to Sydney to sort out my stuff was even bigger than I realised, it closes a chapter in my life so there is a kind of death that is happening. In many ways I have been in transition for the last two and a half years even though my focus has been very much on where I have been living. Let’s face it, how often does an old chapter end neatly with the new one following on, there is almost always a bit of back and forthing that goes on.

Now I need to address any completions that need to be done with regards to the old path that is finishing, and probably the hardest part is letting go of the old outmoded ways of being that no longer serve me. The one that is coming up big time for me is abundance and being supported, with a better return on the energy I put out I will be able to do a better job of looking after myself. There are things I could do less of and be happy, but economic necessity is a factor that cannot be ignored and so I do what I have to. But I’m not prepared to compromise on things I know are important for me to do, even though they may not bring in income, and so we arrive at a schedule that becomes overwhelming at times.


It’s a biggie but I do finally think that the time has come to properly address this issue, and my intuition has been telling me for the longest time that my writing is the key to this. We shall see what unfolds, I will be calling on all the resources I can find inner and outer to meet this particular challenge, wish me luck as I go!

The Age Of Empathy.

Well I went from nuclear disasters to the habits of highly empathic people and I’m feeling positively inspired by the journey! Even though there may be masses of sleepy people who have no idea of how their world could be slipping away, there are those who not only notice and care, but who are doing something about it. And the ones who are doing the damage are a tiny part of the overall population, I think they know that their days are numbered and are simply trying to rake in as much as they can while they can.


Empathy is a key ingredient as we grow and develop into the future humans that will have a continuing and positive presence on this beautiful planet. And it is a quality that can be developed, I relate strongly to the habits of HEP’s (highly empathic people) and have tended to go in this direction all my life. But anyone can do it, those who are severely disconnected from their emotions are going to have a challenging journey, but I do believe it possible for all people if they have a strong enough desire to go there.

The author of the article at the end of this post, Roman Krznaric, describes the twentieth century as the Age of Introspection and says that the twenty-first should be the Age of Empathy. I agree heartily with this viewpoint, it certainly matches my path through life which was extremely introverted for many years as I dove deep in my healing journey. Then slowly but surely I began to get the sense that I needed to move more into connection with others, the messages kept coming, and over time that is the path I have taken. My very special country town has helped me to reach a point where I am fulfilling this part of my life in a way that truly amazes me at times, in a good way!

There is a lot more I could say on this topic but I will save it for future posts, in the meantime have a read of this inspiring article, it has links to lots of grass-roots movements that are helping to create fundamental change in the world. A wonderful resource!


Food For All.

I am reflecting on my recent posts about listening to my body and getting the right nutrition happening, something that I am able to do even though I am very much in the lower socio-economic group as far as income goes. After watching this short video about a community food system in India, I am feeling wealthy by comparison to these people, many of whom live on less than  dollar a day. I still manage to go out to dinner and to lots of amazing events, it takes a bit of juggling and lateral thinking at times but I manage to do it.


I confess to a keen sense of injustice when I look at the gap between the wealthy and the poor, and it’s getting worse not better. What really baffles me is how the super wealthy can sleep at night, knowing that there are so many starving people without access to clean water.  How can our politicians accept the ridiculous amounts of money that they receive when so many of the people they are meant to be serving are struggling to manage the basics of living.

I know that population growth is a serious issue but surely if we distributed what we do have a bit more evenly everyone would be well cared for. And with all those resources in the form of people, new ways of thinking and creating, surely we can come up with ideas that will serve not only humanity, but this planet and the other beings we share it with. If you would like an example about innovative ideas, in this case its education, check out “The School In The Clouds”, posted on the 4th July 2013.

How to supply food to everyone inexpensively and
consistently, around the world?

Imagine the convenience of take-out food every day,
but for less money that you would pay to COOK at home,
let alone order from a restaurant.

Here is a brilliant solution: members pay in to a
collective community kitchen, and meals for households
are distributed daily by the kitchen run by employed chefs.

Video: (2:26)


Living Small.

We are living in a time of great change and it seems like ideas on how to live differently are bursting out all over the world, I keep coming across new concepts and the latest one is tiny houses. I’m not sure if I could live in something that small, but there are sure to be people for whom a teensie weensie home is just the perfect thing!



A tiny house uses a lot less resources, its easier to heat and you simply can’t collect stuff because there’s nowhere to put it, it seems very much a reaction to the consumer culture that has dominated our society in recent years. You can even go and do a workshop and learn how to build your own!

In the video below one of the women who lives in a tiny home, speaks about how it has brought her into closer connection with her community in a way that simply didn’t happen when she was living in a big home. She has a different relationship with her neighbours and friends, the library and the food co-op, resources that didn’t seem so important before. I guess you could say that it forced her to become interdependant, something that our culture has moved away from.

Seems like the people are waking up, slowly but surely, we are realising how important community is, and that we truly are all dependant upon each other for survival. Not just the people but every form of life on this beautiful planet!

Here we see a home with one towel, one stove burner, one teeny tiny closet, and it resulted in one very happy woman.
Welcome on a new Tiny House video tour of these are eco-friendly homes, often on wheels that incorporate solar energy and they are tiny alright: how about 120 sq. feet?
What a concept — lose your stuff, find your life! Small house = Large life. Video (5:08)

And here is a clip about a book on tiny homes by Lloyd Kahn:

Losing Nemo.

There is a lot of talk these days about getting enough of the good oils, in particular omega 3’s, a common source of this fat is of course fish. The only problem with this is that the disregard for sustainability that can be seen in corporations and governments around the world, extends into our oceans as well. If getting enough fish in our diet means that the ocean will be completely fished out by 2048, then a responsible person might just want to find other sources of omega 3’s.

Chia seeds: a rich source of omega 3's.

Chia seeds: a rich source of omega 3’s.

Once again we have an example of vested interests who only care about making money, destroying our resources without any thought for the future. Since 1950 we have lost 90% of large fish from the sea, boats with HUGE nets trawl the oceans taking everything in their path, throwing away the bits that are of no use to them. It’s a far cry from the habits of indigenous people who generally take only what they need, with respect, leaving enough behind that the resources will continue to be there for future generations.

Western culture claims to operate on rational principles, does what I have described here make any sense to you? It certainly doesn’t to me, how can politicians keep taking money and favours from the lobby groups and still look their children in the eyes, knowing that their actions are changing the world forever, and not for the best of all humankind.


The separation of the heart and the head is the source of much of this insanity in my opinion, without the heart’s wisdom the head cannot really truly understand the consequences of its decisions. That’s what needs to happen in the inner realms of the future human, a coming together of the mind and the heart, an evolution into coherence. And of course there is also direct action, the Black Fish is a protest vessel that will be focusing on the Mediterranean Sea over the next year, where fishing regulations are routinely ignored, they will endeavour to expose and challenge these practices. To find out more check out this animated film below:

Year 2048: NONE of the fish left in the sea that we’re currently eating?
That is the dire warning in this captivating animated short about the overfishing of our seas.
A beautifully produced cartoon on a subject that couldn’t be more serious:

Co-operate Or Die!

Competition versus co-operation, its pretty clear which of these concepts is currently ruling the roost, and it’s equally clear that this particular path leads to wrack and ruin. There is so much that needs to change and it all begins with a different way of perceiving the world. The old paradigm is all about control, man using science and technology to wrestle nature into subservience, using the resources of the planet without any regard for how this might affect the whole.

A group of indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest, the Achuar, looked out at what was happening to their neighbours and further afield, their shamans had visions of an imminent threat that would affect not only their own culture but the entire planet. They saw what was coming and decided to meet this threat rather than retreat, they made connections with their neighbours and sent a call out to the west asking for help to combat this terrible disaster that threatens us all. In this way was the Pachamama Alliance born, from land management plans for their own region, to education about sustainability that occurs around the globe, this is just one of the grass-roots movements that has the potential to truly create the change that must happen if we are to survive on this planet.

Highland Elementary students with painted faces, declaring their stand with the Achuar and the Amazon Rain Forest.

Highland Elementary students with painted faces, declaring their stand with the Achuar and the Amazon Rain Forest.

Here is the web site for the Pachamama Alliance: http://www.pachamama.org/

We have the resources and the knowledge to do what has to be done, and we don’t have the time anymore to wait until the dinosaurs die out, I’m talking of course of the vested interests that do their best to block the positive evolution of humanity. I don’t know exactly how the change will occur, but if you are awake then it is time to do your part whatever that may be, and I suspect you will find great joy in that journey even as you are challenged, there is nothing quite like the feeling of doing what it is you came here to do!

We need to change the way we look at success, progress, wealth, competition – the future!
We need to come together around new indicators of “wealth”, and prepare students for the real world that is changing so rapidly.
How about a declaration of Interdependence?