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I Laughed So Hard I Wet Myself!

bumpy roadI almost decided to take a holiday on this post but my over conscientious  and obsessive nature won’t let me let you down. So here I am trying to make sense as I am being driven along a sometimes bumpy road by my Beloved, as we embark on day three of some much-needed time off. Ahhhh………..at last the freeway is offering a smoother passage………so what do I have to share with you today?

Well the first thing that comes to mind s that laughter is the best medicine of all, helpless laughter over the silliest things and I feel like a child. A child in the best sense of the word, present and open to whatever life may bring to me and full of wonder and joy at the gifts that I already enjoy in such bountiful helpings. Laughing so hard I actually pee myself, embarrassing but true, you see how much trust I’ve developed in life! Well, would you admit to the world that you wet your pants!!


My heart, mind and soul feel incredibly open as I continue to move into this amazing new chapter of my life, my spirit dances and my intuition sings. The mind does its best to keep up with the larger me but this morning its feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to be coherent, much less entertaining or profound.


Here's Galadriel being all serious!

Here’s Galadriel being all serious!

I’m back and writing as we drive along, this is the first time I’ve walked city streets for a whole year and it was a tad overwhelming. Since moving to the country I am much more sensitive, it’s less about all the buildings and cars and traffic lights and more to do with the thronging energies of people and devices milling about in a sea of chaos.

If you want to develop your sensitivity and still live in an urban environment then I suggest you consider carefully what kinds of practices might support you in remaining open without becoming overcome by the sheer  volume of energetic traffic. Meditation is always helpful and there are as many ways of doing it as there are people. Any activity where you are firmly ensconced in your heart will give you protection and help you to perceive the beauty of life in whatever environment you are in.

The analogy for that state of consciousness that the American Indians call “Beauty’s Way”, is being in love. It’s a pretty nice way of going there but luckily it isn’t the only doorway, I’m driving the Love Bug quite blissfully at the moment but it is by no means the first time that I’ve travelled that particular inner landscape. I’ve found it through friendships, dance, yoga and meditation, I always joke about toning being my favourite way of getting ‘bent’, I’m sure there are endorphins that get triggered when we are doing things that we love that bring us into openness and joy.

Can you imagine a world full of open-hearted, joyful folk, all expressing their uniqueness in the world and creating a global community of co-operation and mutual care? I can, and the more of us that hold this vision in our heart space, the more likely we are to get there!

Shanti, shanti, shanti………peace, peace, peace.

The Doors of Perception.

One of the interesting aspects of house sitting, is the way that you move in and out of different energy fields, each environment has its own unique feel and I have been most fortunate in the energies I’ve encountered in this journey. The house that I have just moved out of was the perfect space for me to inhabit while I was going through some of the most fundamental shifts that I have experienced in quite a few years.

I am reborn, nothing is the same and yet at the same time nothing has really changed, the kind of contradiction that I have always thrived on, I am a creature of contradictions and strange fancies. I am reminded of how I felt as a child about some of the moves we made as a family, I can remember really noticing what it felt like to be present in a particular place and time, and how different that was from where we had been before. The difference between the sense of exploring a new environment, and being somewhere familiar.

It still comes down to perception, and as I have mentioned numerous times there is always a choice to be made in how we shall receive information about what is around us, and inside of us.  The trick is to hone your sensitivity so that you become attuned to the creation of what you truly desire to have in your existence. For most of us, automatic pilot means falling into old patterns of behaviour that keep creating more and more of what we don’t actually want in our lives.

My favourite definition of insanity is when you keep doing things the same old way and expecting different outcomes, I often use this as a challenge when I am working on the crisis phone lines. No matter how evolved you think you have become, it’s always good to be reminded of universal truths, everyone falls into old patterns of behaviour sometimes and it really isn’t a problem providing you are not blissfully sailing through a sea of ignorance.

In this particular moment of time, I am sinking into a slow current of extreme tiredness, lots of overnight shifts combining with moving out of my house sit and creating a gentle exhaustion that I shall sail into a night of blissful sleep. Oh beauteous rest, I yearn for your sweet arms to enfold me, to hold me as I sink into the deepest space of stillness.

Good night sweet prince:
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Hamlet: Act 5 Scene 2. William Shakespeare.

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight……………I go into the darkness knowing that I shall be reborn in the light of yet another new day!


Trust the Lizard.

Less than a week left in my current house sit, it’s always a bit sad to move on even when you aren’t leaving pets behind. Of course the ten weeks here has been full of experiences with animals, just not the domestic kind. There was the python that came in on the eve of the Summer Solstice and stayed for three days, bringing a message of transformation and intense learning. It also left a massive pile of steaming shit in one of the rooms, that I had to clean up at 2.oo in the morning. I hadn’t really thought about the significance of that but when I consider the full on detox I’ve been experiencing on every level of my being, it begins to make a lot of sense.

Feels like I am at the next stage of cleaning up my act but I feel a bit sad as one of the casualties here is coffee. I’ve never been a coffee fiend but enjoy a cup most days, ever since I started the oil pulling I haven’t been able to drink a drop. My mind thinks how nice it would be, but my belly is so repulsed by the idea that I just can’t go there.

Increased sensitivity is definitely one of the things that goes hand in hand with detoxification, and once again the animals are giving me signs. Lizards symbolise subtlety of perception and indicate that the intuition and psychic abilities are strong and may even be growing stronger. There was quite a big one in the house tonight that wanted to come further in to hang out with me. It took careful and gentle persuasion with a broom to convince him to go the other way, out the back door.

Reckon this is the same as my friendly visitor!

Reckon this is the same as my friendly visitor!

My intuition tells me that I need to stay on my current path, even though there are financial pressures to be more ‘practical’ I need to have faith in that inner guidance. Trust tends to be a big issue for many of us, especially when it’s to do with survival, we live in a society that rewards certain qualities and if you don’t match that picture it can be a struggle to get by.

I choose to end the struggle now, I choose to surrender to the flow and to allow all my gifts and talents to come to the fore, illuminating the world with the flame of my true Being. A week ago I wrote this intention after meditating and toning:

My intention is to burst forth in great blossoms from the tree of self as I reach my full flowering. I receive all the love and nourishment that is needful and I radiate out sunshine and light to all of existence and beyond.

So be it, so be it, so be it……………blissings and love to all of creation…….

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