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From The Stillness to Salvation, With Bliss The Medicine Of Choice!


Intense little period of activity, writing and writing in a much smaller pressure cooker which is sandwiched with languid delight and lots of satisfaction if not a lot of sleep. A recipe to be happy for me in this moment, open to the flow of energy as it charts new pathways long visioned and desired, blood running hot, a slow, sensual way of being that needs to be relaxed into. Yoga reflects this slow movement, spending long moments in stillness of pose, letting go into muscles slowly moving towards their edge, restorative pose with all the support I need, savasana……….still space edged with impatience!


Dancing from moment to moment with animal companions snuggling, kookaburra flies in to deliver his message of truth, passion and laughter, the end of the journey of healing, new growth has already begun. For a full description of this animal totem check this link out: http://solacetemple.wordpress.com/2007/11/10/kookaburra-a-spirit-bird/ Enjoying the space with just me in it even as I long to be entwined once again, one being re-united into the form of two polarities, going in and coming out, out into the cosmos and the stillness, bringing back all of that, into the merge.

Being intensely present to the scene around me, like a movie, and the one on the outside is getting more like the one I play regularly in my temple every day! You can assume by my positive tone that this is a good thing and you would be correct, my outer world has shifted massively in tune with movement in the inner realms, the flow of healthy, happy energy gives one rather a buoyant feeling in fact. I can feel that healing occurring on every level of my being, from the physical to all of the mental, spiritual, emotional realms that form the person that be me in this particular incarnation.


The more that your life force energy flows wherever it needs to, the happier you will be, even if the road is sometimes a little stony or steep, that effort and the surrender to the flow will bring light unto your sight, truth from your lips, warmth to the heart. And remember what St Germain always used to say:

“Until further notice, celebrate everything!”

Feline Pleasures.

Today I went and sat out on the earth not long after getting up, it was the perfect start to the day, feeling that solid loving support from the Mother. It wasn’t long before mum’s cat Pushkin joined me, he is a very affectionate if neurotic creature and he likes to say hello and get a big pat. The sun was shining and the temperature just perfect, ahhhhhh……..I truly do live in paradise, and this is not even where the land sings to me all the time.


I sat drinking it all in as I watched Pushkin walk over to a cleared patch of earth from where we have been eliminating that voracious weed, the Singapore Daisy. He laid down and he rolled in the dirt, from one side to the other and you could see him drinking in every aspect of his sensory experience, his total focus on the pleasure of the earth on his fur and the sun shining down. For him it was even better to have one of his people (his sister in fact), watching him in his pleasure.


Sensuality, it is an attractive quality whether you are enjoying it within yourself, or watching another lost in pure sensation, feeling every possible aspect of the sensory realm and Loving It! Soaking in an aromatherapy bath, picking mulberries off the tree and enjoying the juicy ripeness as they burst in your mouth, leaving your fingers the most exquisite shade of bright red. The feeling of my Birkenstock sandals, like walking on velvet, silken scarf caresses the skin like a lover with the softest touch.


If ever I should forget what pleasure is available with just the slightest tweak of consciousness, I only have to spend time with Pushkin, he is the most sensual creature I know, being touched matters more to him than being fed! Is life not grand, and the wonders available to us on this planet the most marvelous thing you have ever seen!

Follow Your Flow.

What an interesting journey it is to re-enter a life in a higher powered vehicle, feeling the effects of raising my vibration, through shedding as well as conscious intention to manifest my highest good. I have entered an intuitive flow that can sometimes change quite suddenly, I surrender to it and it takes me on a slightly different tack, I call it fine tuning. Life seems to be handing me gifts from all sides, messages come through just when I need to hear them and they are getting pretty clear!

I shifted from having a night at home with a few friends, food and movie,  to connecting with a groovy new household and on to my community and tribe who often tend to meet up on this particular evening. The music was stellar quality, one of those lovely nights where you get to have some great conversation but just have to stop often in order to listen to the wonderful sonic offerings. And I just had to dance to some of those fabulous rhythms, can’t understand how people can hear that music and not move their bodies!

There were people there who are very dear to my heart, and there are some challenges amongst us, we are coming together to support as a community. The hearts are there and I seem to connect with openness, everybody seems to like me and there is a feeling that I can be who I am, without judgement. Oh the dancing was good tonight, I am feeling the most delicious expansion in my ribs when I move and flow, its energy that tickles me in a very sensual way, almost like making love to myself.


Dancing on the dark verandah to Alicia Keys, coming in for one song so I could use the floor, beautiful wooden floors, eating left over desert from that May 10 Taurian New Moon eclipse as I integrate the cellular shift brought in by the Sagittarius Full Moon and eclipse. That’s quite a mouthful wouldn’t you agree? Not as hard as it might seem, if you can find your flow and trust it is amazing how much synchronicity seems to guide your path forwards.

Here’s Alicia singing, ‘Never felt this way’, nice version.


Lead on my third eye, and St Germaine, and the Archangel Micheal…………..on, on, on to the Golden Age!

Touch Me.

Well I got through my niggling feelings of wanting to know exactly how everything in my life is going to pan out, and wanting to know it NOW! Ok so there may be just a tiny smidgen  of doubt floating around in my belly, but I can live with that, in fact it’s probably even normal, something I was very determined not to be as a small child.

There’s a lot of talk about how kids want to be like everyone else, you know, she’s wearing that style and I want it too! I always wanted to be different, the idea of looking and thinking and being like all the other kids seemed incredibly boring to me. So when Madonna came along in her ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ days I guess I was attracted to her rebellious nature, I wore lingerie as outer wear, teased the buggery out of my hair and tied it with black lace.

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Of course I was actually being like a lot of other people, we join groups sometimes seeking to be different and end up putting on a type of uniform. You can see it with the Goth look, the Punks and probably lots of current ones that I don’t know about, not being in the loop with kid’s stuff, although I have heard of Emo. I adore Steampunk and that seems to me to offer more opportunity to actually be different, but maybe I just feel that way because I like it.

As humans we do seem to have a need to flock together, much of  self-development work comes out of relating to others, it often helps to motivate us to improve ourselves. I believe that this is one of our strengths as a species, and if we can begin to move into higher levels of co-operation there is nothing that we cannot do.

By coming together at that higher level we can make it possible for everybody to have access to basic needs, and that includes the need for loving touch,  babies who don’t receive that show incredibly adverse affects, both physical and emotional. That is the critical time in our development, but the need for physical touch remains important throughout adult life, and for that to depend on someone having a lover, means that there are lots of people who are living in deprivation.

Let the new sensual and loving age begin, not mindless orgies, a conscious journey into  a whole new definition of what it means to be human, living upon the planet Earth.

A Goddess Group Hug: at a gathering inspired by the InSpired IzaBella Siódmak.

A Goddess Group Hug: at a gathering inspired by the
InSpired IzaBella Siódmak.

Coming Home.

Here is the sequel to my musings on the landscape rolling past as the train speeds me towards home, not just a physical place, but the place where I will find myself completely:

Gladly I go into the quiet country night, its stillness a benediction, a balm to my citified soul. At last I am where the voices can come clearly into my psyche, to guide me even deeper and take me where I have not been before.

I have tasted this place on many occasions but the time has come for me to leap into the waters and immerse my organic being in the deep pool of truth, until all the layers of armour have been washed away. Until all that ia left is who I have always been, the fullness that was so frightening I now welcome with open arms!

Embracing the unknown, the flow of sensual, succulent spirit that is here to guide me home, bringing me full circle through the shadows into the light, into the shadows, into the light……………..Bringing me home…………into the light.

I wrote that 18 months ago and this is the first time I’ve looked at it for over a year. While I am still very much in the process of embracing that fullness of which I speak, I think I can safely say that I have followed the path laid out in the words I wrote then.

There is once again a dis-ease in my belly, sure sign that more is shifting, more of that which masks my brightness, the dance between the shadow and the light which seems eternal. So I welcome too the discomfort, for it is as much a part of the process as the brimming joy.

My cup truly doth runneth over and my soul doth rejoice at this homecoming, to be here in this place which nourishes me and encourages me to shine in all my glory! Oh thank you Kind Spirits that have drawn me here, and thank you Mother Gaia for always supporting me wherever I am, I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed.

Blissings and love to all of life!

Embracing life to the Full!

Embracing life to the Full!