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Raising Awareness For Social Transformation.

march in march brisbaneI don’t often talk about politics on this blog, my focus tends more to be on consciousness itself and the potential for transformation, without this first step the necessary changes can’t really happen anyway. But here in Australia we just had at least 100,000 people marching to display their vote of no confidence in the current government, an event that has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. From what I can gather on social media the protests were peaceful and full of ordinary everyday people who are unhappy about a government that gives to the rich and takes from the poor, that treats asylum seekers as if they were criminals.  If I hadn’t been working I would have been there myself.

march in march melbourne

Follow this link to see footage of the protest in Melbourne:         http://vimeo.com/89244643

And here is footage from another capital city, Brisbane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDMFYA1F4hw#t=15

Here is an article from someone who was at the protest the next day at the nation’s capital Canberra: http://www.independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/canberra-march-in-march-social-media-made-flesh,6288

For me the path continues to be working with shifts in consciousness, mine own and to be a support for others when I have the opportunity, this will create change but I do believe that we also need the people out there doing the protests It’s just like the way you might approach the healing of a physical issue in your body, attending to the spiritual, emotional and mental causes may lead to a complete return to health. But along the way you may need to have particular herbs or physical exercises or stretches for the body, all of the necessary steps are important.

physical emotional spiritual

For change in our society to occur there needs to be a fundamental shift in consciousness and that can only come from the raising of awareness. This increase in awareness can come from many different sources and the most important part happens deep within the soul itself, but the triggers can be events like these marches that have happened all around the country.

May the Shift come soon, with peace and harmony walking hand in hand.

einstein quote

Be The Heart Of Conscious Community.

What is the depth of communication that occurs in social media, can it be a tool for creating conscious and empathic groups, supporting each other in a variety of ways. Certainly for me there is a stronger focus on my local groups when I use Facebook, as well as connecting directly with individuals, sharing information and inspiring each other. I am fortunate to be connected to many people in my local community, whatever I need is there if I have the sense to ask for it, there is always support for me here, love and acknowledgement. Add people in other parts of Australia and some around the world and we are talking a lot of hearts all being connected, being the heart of conscious community.

heart leaves

That’s the theme for the Joining Gathering which runs over the Equinox weekend coming up, I have been called elsewhere this time but to experience a beautiful honouring of the masculine and feminine, and all the other deepening experiences on offer, is a beautiful thing to do if you are drawn to it. http://thejoining.com.au/  I’m going to be busy working with songlines as well as my personal journey, looking forward to this coming Equinox very much indeed. I was told not long ago by a psychic that I was going to become more witchy as I got older, I have to confess she was very accurate, in fact so far she’s been spot on about an awful lot of things.

So in my way of doing things social media plays a positive role in creating and connecting my community, like any useful tool it depends on how it is utilised and mindfulness is so important. Many of the people I connect with in the virtual realms I see in my daily life at different times, but there are some that I have never physically met who I actually feel just as close to. The particular group I am thinking of came together out of an online course with Jean Houston and so we have a similar vision and were all drawn to each other in the virtual world that was created for our interaction in the course.

So don’t be afraid to work with technology, it can be a very intuitive process and I have seen clearly how it can bring ordinary people together to create positive change in our communities. Bring on the New Age of spirit and matter, body and soul, time to become future humans!

Collaborative Consumption.

The changes that technology has brought to our culture are mind-boggling to say the least, children growing up now have a totally different way of viewing the world to their parents, and are about as far away from their grandparents conceptually as the milky way is from the earth! We are going through a revolution of sorts and it is our ability to connect and to gather information in minutes that is fueling this new direction, which funnily enough, isn’t so new after all.

Before we all became consumers, people used to trade goods and services, money often wasn’t even a part of the equation, you would trade away your surplus for the things you couldn’t provide for yourself. With the growth of social media there has been a huge return to the barter system and it is happening on a much larger scale than would previously have been possible. I had no idea there was so much of this stuff going on, it’s called swap trading and you can trade just about anything. You may also have heard of a kind of car pooling in cities where you pay a monthly fee in order to have access to a car when you need it, with companies such as Go Get.


So the qualities that humanity needs to develop in order to survive on this planet are actually evolving as we move from being passive consumers to what Rachel Botsman describes as highly enabled collaborators. In this TED talk she speaks about collaborative consumption and how there is a renewal of the importance of community and of trust that is arising in the new virtual world.

The internet is enabling sharing of goods at an unprecedented rate.  It’s a global phenomenon that cuts out the middleman and is gaining traction all the time.
There are fascinating points and insights in this video, for ex. how trust will be measured. It’s no longer your credit score. But more importantly, it might help you rethink things you think you “need”.
You don’t always need ownership — you need access.

Is Twitter For The Birds?

There’s a little ball of anxiety spinning around in my belly looking for reasons to be worried, at the moment it’s focused on having to get posts written ahead because of the busy time I have coming up, starting tomorrow night with work. Actually it was trying to get my sim card to work in my new smart phone that really got it started, there is a special kind of frustration when you don’t quite know what you are doing with technological stuff. I’m much better versed in the more emotional kind of stuff, please Goddess send me a ten-year old to help me with this issue!

I probably sound like a Luddite don’t I, they were a group of artisans during the Industrial Revolution who protested against the new machinery that threatened to replace them with unskilled labour, it’s now a term used to refer to those who are anti technology. Well that isn’t me, once I get that sim card working I’m going to have heaps of fun working out how to get the best out of my new phone.

The Leader of the Luddites, engraving of 1812

The Leader of the Luddites, engraving of 1812

Technology in the guise of social media is actually having an incredibly positive effect on our culture, the global village has never been so well-connected as it is today. To be a Luddite now would be to behave like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand, the trick is to use these new pathways constructively as tools to bring us all closer together in a positive way.

Laughter is a great way to create happy energy so please have a look at this incredibly silly video that purports to be a trailer for a movie about Twitter, an aspect of social media that is still a mystery to me at this point in time. Hope you enjoy, tweet, tweet!