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Civilisation Is A Cold Fridge!

oh-how-i-love-my-refrigeratorWhen you are used to being on mains power it is easy to lose sight of just how much energy is being consumed on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that people often don’t think much about sustainability. That was me and my Beloved a scant few weeks ago, since then we have been experiencing problems with our power supply and ended up with some nights where we had no power at all and therefore the fridge was off all night. I was a bit wound up about our upcoming wedding over a couple of days when the trouble started and the situation meant that I ended up getting even more wound up! You know that being relaxed would be a better way to navigate but being without power seems to trigger a very deep response of primal fear and helplessness.


Not having lights isn’t so bad and we love candles but when you are full of anxious tension it is hard to appreciate the gentle romanticism of candle light. I truly get now the way in which having a fridge that will keep our food cold is quite possibly the epitome of civilisation. Certainly I now have a much better sense of how much power is being used every day in houses all over this country. And while it has been challenging I am still glad to be living apart from that profligate system that is operating with old, dirty technology. It is also an opportunity to learn about sustainable practices which I am quite sure will be useful learning for our future.


Our time in the dark has put us a tad behind with wedding preparations but it is all coming along very nicely and I’m starting to get excited! So out of the darkness and into the light of day, sounds very much like our wedding themes which are all about bringing the dark and the light together. So the next time I post I will be a Mrs but don’t expect anything next week as I will most likely have a little break from this blog. Farewell as I enter into a wonderful new chapter, aho!


The Power Of Ingenuity!

In my latest house sit I’m having the experience of living off the grid, the slow combustion stove provides hot water, and the solar panels give me lights and power the washing machine. There is a generator that can charge up the batteries for the solar if needed, and which is also used to pump water up from the lower tanks to the header tank, from here the water comes into the house by gravity feed. I was a little bit daunted by all of this at first, I’ve been a city girl all my life and being practical doesn’t come naturally to me, but in the end it has turned out to be rather simple, even for me!

When we had those big storms back in January and thousands of homes lost power, phones and internet, in some cases for days, the people living in this house took a while to realise how bad the situation was. It’s a nice feeling not to be dependant on the system, and to know that being off the grid doesn’t have to mean living with less. This place has all the creature comforts, you can’t have anything with a heating element but the stove does a pretty good job of heating the house, especially in the upstairs bedroom where I’m sleeping, as of course, hot air rises. And if you really need it there is a dryer which can be used in conjunction with the generator.

There are many different ways of being off the grid, here I have all the comforts, and I’m only 12 minutes away from town where I can access pretty much all that I need. The following video shows a much more isolated place, where people are living off the grid in all sorts of diverse ways, some extremely basic, while othersĀ are living in luxury. Just goes to show, there are as many different ways to live as there are people!

The island called Lasqueti, isĀ home to
400 people, less than an hour away from

It’s so secluded there’s no electricity,
there are no paved roads and in many cases,
no plumbing.

How do 400 modern Canadians make do off
the grid – year round?

Have a look!

Video: (14:21)