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Trust the Lizard.

Less than a week left in my current house sit, it’s always a bit sad to move on even when you aren’t leaving pets behind. Of course the ten weeks here has been full of experiences with animals, just not the domestic kind. There was the python that came in on the eve of the Summer Solstice and stayed for three days, bringing a message of transformation and intense learning. It also left a massive pile of steaming shit in one of the rooms, that I had to clean up at 2.oo in the morning. I hadn’t really thought about the significance of that but when I consider the full on detox I’ve been experiencing on every level of my being, it begins to make a lot of sense.

Feels like I am at the next stage of cleaning up my act but I feel a bit sad as one of the casualties here is coffee. I’ve never been a coffee fiend but enjoy a cup most days, ever since I started the oil pulling I haven’t been able to drink a drop. My mind thinks how nice it would be, but my belly is so repulsed by the idea that I just can’t go there.

Increased sensitivity is definitely one of the things that goes hand in hand with detoxification, and once again the animals are giving me signs. Lizards symbolise subtlety of perception and indicate that the intuition and psychic abilities are strong and may even be growing stronger. There was quite a big one in the house tonight that wanted to come further in to hang out with me. It took careful and gentle persuasion with a broom to convince him to go the other way, out the back door.

Reckon this is the same as my friendly visitor!

Reckon this is the same as my friendly visitor!

My intuition tells me that I need to stay on my current path, even though there are financial pressures to be more ‘practical’ I need to have faith in that inner guidance. Trust tends to be a big issue for many of us, especially when it’s to do with survival, we live in a society that rewards certain qualities and if you don’t match that picture it can be a struggle to get by.

I choose to end the struggle now, I choose to surrender to the flow and to allow all my gifts and talents to come to the fore, illuminating the world with the flame of my true Being. A week ago I wrote this intention after meditating and toning:

My intention is to burst forth in great blossoms from the tree of self as I reach my full flowering. I receive all the love and nourishment that is needful and I radiate out sunshine and light to all of existence and beyond.

So be it, so be it, so be it……………blissings and love to all of creation…….

abstract flowers


The deluge of rain began to lash and the wind howled like a werewolf worshiping the full moon. It got worse and worse at the film society where I spent the afternoon and evening and by the time I got home the power was off. It did come back on after about 10 minutes but when I got up in the morning it was off, and my sunday market was cancelled, no power at the hall and too dangerous for people to be out on the roads.

I was on the most amazing high all day sunday and part of the next day, the storm that was ripping through my town was reflecting the huge shift that was happening inside me. More details of that story to follow in future posts, but suffice to say that I have come back to myself, the change in me is huge and my mother reflected it to me when she said, “I feel like I’ve got you back as you once were as a child.”

Last night was another big release, I feel a little worn out today but I know that I am moving in a direction that will support me in doing the spiritual task that I am here to do. When it’s time for the caterpillar to come out of the cocoon there is a struggle, but without that struggle the butterfly’s wings will never develop and it will never be able to fly.

There is more to shed, I can feel it inside me close to the surface, ready to leave me so that my wings can spread out and so I can take flight. This is what the snake that came to me at the Solstice was telling me, that my transformation was almost upon me. I don’t know exactly what any of this will look like, but that it will be full of wonder and joy, of that I am certain.

I’ve broken my perfect record of a post every day but somehow that doesn’t seem to matter very much, the time without the usual distractions has been well spent. This period of being without electrical power has been an opportunity to tap into my personal power and even as I feel tears brimming at the edge of my being, I know that it will be joy that will follow their release.

Power comes from within us, from a source we all have access to no matter our situation, and now that I can truly say to myself, “I love you”, I have power beyond my wildest imaginings.

Butterfly in flight.

Butterfly in flight.

Into the Night.

I woke the following morning with things to do and no sign of the python so I opened the front door and left the connecting door closed hoping that the snake would take the opportunity to escape. There was no sign of it that day or the next and I began to hope that it had indeed slithered its way out of the house because I still had no idea what to do with the darn thing. I wasn’t frightened of it but I had no idea what to do with it, I knew that pythons are not aggressive or venomous but I didn’t really know how it would react if I tried to pick it up.

On the sunday evening I had been out all day and when I turned the light on for the front room lo and behold, there was the python, curled up on a pot plant crushing the life out of the poor thing. This was the closest to the door it had been, surely there was some way I could get it to go out the front door. I got a broom and tried poking it but the snake merely raised its head and looked at me with its tiny eyes, what to do? Then I had a brain wave, the pot plant was on a small table and so I pushed the table over to the door. I had to push the table half way out the door but the snake eventually got the idea and slid its way down onto the verandah and slithered away into the night, thank the Goddess, I had managed to solve the problem all by myself.

A good story to dine out on, but of course there is a deeper understanding that may be gleaned from this tale, the snake is a symbol rich in meaning and it came into the house for the Solstice 2012, very powerful medicine indeed! To find out the meaning for me look for my next post, Slithering blissings to you all…………………

The norse snake ring
The norse snake ring

Solstice Sequel.

There is a sequel to my story of the Solstice night last friday that I would like to share with you now, I felt it deserved a post all to itself. I should begin by telling you about the night before that, when I came home to find objects in the house slightly moved around, and in the bathroom some things had been knocked over and broken. I could not for the life of me work out what on earth could have done this, I had a sense that something had come in through the window but had no idea what it was.

So on the Solstice night I was in bed when I heard crashing sounds coming from the front room, I leaped out of bed and went rushing in to discover a huge python curling its way along the top of the shelves knocking things over as it went. The woman I am house sitting for does sandplay therapy and she had hundreds of little figures and objects which were now hurtling off the shelf in the wake of this slithering reptile, as a city girl I had never seen anything like it before in my life!

I had no idea what to do, the snake was obviously looking for a way out but it was heading away from the door and none of the windows in the room would open. There was also a smell of sewage and I cast around for the source of it only to find a huge pile of what I could only assume to be python poo, oh my goddess, letting go of the notion of sleep I set to and cleaned up the mess. The snake was still in the room and not looking like it had any intention of going out the door, in the end I had to go to bed with the connecting door to the rest of the house shut but I couldn’t leave the front door open so I had to let the whole thing go and hope that the morning would come with an answer to the question of what to do with the snake!

To find out what happened next stay tuned for my next post!spotted-python

Still no camera but my python was very similar to this one, imagine having this slithering around your home!

The End of the World (as we know it)

I just read what is supposed to be my next post and have decided to try and be a bit more entertaining, actually it also involves a confession and I am not entirely sure I am ready to go public with it. Of course if I publish it and if anyone happens to read it they will probably wonder what my problem is, the things that unnerve one person are the stuff of life to another.

That variety that comes from the uniqueness of each of us as individuals is what keeps life interesting and as the chinese say we are living in interesting times. We are almost upon a moment in history which is being viewed from so many different perspectives you could end up with vertigo trying to make sense of them all. I speak of course of the 21 december which this year is being noticed by just about everybody, not just those who remember and celebrate the summer solstice.

I have never thought that there would be some big and sudden change on this date, as far as I am concerned we have been in the middle of huge energetic shifts for some time now and the solstice is merely  a part of that. But a lot of people are focused on this one date and that powerful energy is bound to have an impact, I just don’t know how it will manifest or even if it will be obvious in the external world.

But as the eternal optimist I feel sure that this will ultimately be a shift into a better humanity, the next evolution of our species. There may well be some rough times ahead but the more we can be clear about being in the energy of loving community with each other and with this planet and everything on it, the better we can navigate the path that lies in front of us.

Mayan calander

Mayan calander.