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My Guru, My Guru.

I used to think that Gurus were not such a great idea, it seemed to me that in order to have one you had to give away your power, and I was doing that enough without adding to it! I guess it would have been St Germain that would have been my guru but he was temporary in coming through Azena Ramanda, so I moved on to direct communication after that. Not being attached to a particular form, he brings me messages in many different ways. I thought having a guru on earth might be a bit of a drawback, taking the focus away from self, but after hearing stories of their guru, from Krishna Das and Ram Das, I have a different perspective.

They can be a doorway into that deeper dive into the self, into the quantum field of raw potential, a true guru will not take your power. What you choose to give away is your business, enjoy the stepping up into the limelight as you empower yourself with every step. A true guru will assist you in finding coherence, where the heart and the head and everything else is vibrating at just the right frequency, that of love. You can go there in so many ways, keep exploring doorways, it’s the evolution into a spiritual future, enlightenment.

I am my own guru these days, getting clearer and clearer on that one, developing the shamanic pathways for healing, bodywork, psychic/aura readings, sound healing, holistic counselling, writing/teaching. Lots of fun and inspiration to be had, bit more tech savvy would be good, me learning or help, don’t mind which one. But gurus can connect you to the place in yourself where you ARE LOVE, they can inspire and uplift in all sorts of different ways. Ram Dass is a guru no doubt to many, adepts or addicts, need to get stuck and then eventually be free of method, in the end we are all one in the unified field of consciousness that Rupert Sheldrake talks about, he and Bruce Lipton finally met properly and this is the conversation, its long but well worth it!

Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton.

Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton.


In India when we meet and part we often say, ‘Namaste’, which means: I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides; I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.

~ Ram Dass

Practicing Joy.

I’d like to talk a bit more about meditation in relation to integration, it’s all very well having huge shifts, but you need to then integrate them into your everyday life. In 1993 I made a conscious decision that it was time to bring my spiritual life into my everyday reality, after all what’s the point of doing practices if they don’t then enhance every aspect of your being.

At that time I was reading Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” and I took it fully on board, I was meditating every morning and at night before I went to sleep, and working with affirmations which are a big part of her teachings. It was a beginning of my integration process, bringing the understandings and the knowledge from the realm of spirit into the rest of my existence.

And so it began, the deeper journey into the understanding of my spiritual life, and in time the knowing of what it is I came here to do. That came in snippets over the years, you kind of build layers over time and the more that you dive into that place the more you receive the knowledge that I believe is inside each and every one of us.

If you keep reading my posts I will gradually share much of this with you, as well as what is currently unfolding, but for now let me come back to where I began, with the notion of integration. Spiritual practices are a wonderful way to integrate big shifts, meditation, yoga, sound healing, the list goes on and my basic philosophy is, if it works then go for it! There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this stuff, some of my ways of integrating I couldn’t possibly describe to you because they are so intuitive and in the moment.

Enjoy the joy that comes with the shedding of your excess baggage, dance in the light and embrace every moment of pure happiness! I began this post talking about sitting meditation and that really is delicious , but tonight much of my joy has been expressed through dance. When I move my body through space responding to divine sounds I am in heaven, nirvana, whatever you want to call it, on a journey that can only contain happy endings.

Blissful blessings to all life dancing upon the sacred space of existence, the eternal place of the heart.