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The Lovely Bones Infused With Spirit.

Akhundova Samra: A photographer who captures spiritual experiences with her art. http://samraakhundova.wix.com/samra-art-design

Akhundova Samra: A photographer who captures spiritual experiences with her art. http://samraakhundova.wix.com/samra-art-design

With the number of people who have had near death experiences it is a wonder that so-called rational science cannot accept that there might be something they cannot quantify with their incomplete data base. When you leave out spirit you are actually ignoring over half of the equation, the proverbial tip of the iceberg is all that is left, and it is hollow without that spiritual reality that underlies everything. I’ve had all kinds of journeys over the years, using a variety of means to get there, and if you spend enough time in those kinds of spaces you start to become much more tuned in to that deeper meaning of life.

When you are seeing the light pouring out of everything around you, it is not hard to imagine a beautiful journey as we pass out of this physical body and return to our non-corporeal state of being. This kind of information is becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream and has the potential for enormous change if enough people begin to tap into this energy. Just the fact that someone is prepared to countenance a much larger picture than was perceived while attached to the physical body, has to help in meeting the issues and problems we have created upon the planet.

An interesting look at life after death is “The Lovely Bones”, where our heroine is murdered right at the beginning of the book, she watches from the world she has arrived in and sees the impact that her death has had on her family. They have also made a good movie out of it with stellar performances from Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci, it is a sad story but with moments of great beauty and the look at the after life is intriguing.

Have a look at the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQZq0d1vzOE

And hear about the near death experience that inspired a book called “Proof of Heaven”, written by Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon whose life has been totally transformed as a result.


Talking To The Trees: Interdependance from Avatar to Gaia.

Avatar: The Tree of Souls.

Avatar: The Tree of Souls.

To be honest I have always believed that plants communicate with each other, the other creatures we share this planet with are often much closer to the energetic balance required to live in harmony with our environment. And more sensitive in many ways to the spiritual reality that underlies every single part of the outside physical reality that so many try to insist is all that there is. I for one am glad that there is more to existence than the current consensual reality we have all agreed to share at this time, and that there are people out there in different roles reminding us of this truth.


At the end of this paragraph you can take a look at a scientific explanation of the forest eco-system which almost borders on the spiritual, the meta-physical even gets a mention and one can see the reverence for life on this planet emanating from an obviously very practical person. The trees of all species communicate with each other through the system of roots and the fungi that grow there, moving carbon and nitrogen back and forth according to who needs it. It is a harmonious system if we allow it to be, even dying trees are giving back their legacy to the forest until they finally collapse.


James Cameron in ‘Avatar’ gave us a lovely image of this concept with the native people being able to plug into the planetary consciousness in a number of different ways. I loved the tree of souls in particular where the Na’vi connect with their ancestors through this energetic network that operates outside of time and space, and so can be a container for the souls of those who have passed on.



The world IS a Magical Place to live in if we can but find the eyes to see it!