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Connecting And Letting Go, In Sacred Space.

let goLetting go is a process of refinement I find, the more sensitive you can be as you tune into what your body, mind and spirit are up to, the more opportunity you have to let go of something else. You may have a sense of what it is or know precisely the meaning of what you are perceiving, or you may have no idea, just a knowing that something is leaving you. It is transformed and so are you as another piece of excess baggage falls away. Often there will be big themes that keep cropping up over and over again, don’t worry, if it’s coming up for you then it is available for release.

having issues

Any big issues that you have will be layered all through your experiences in life, the particular entry into the earth plane that you have taken in this incarnation, family, country, etc……..so don’t be discouraged if the same things keep on coming up. If you persist and persist and never give up on the possibility of healing everything in this lifetime, then it is possible to create fundamental change. At least that’s what it took for me in this lifetime, the strong desire to evolve my inner world, invoke my spiritual task and do what I have come here to do.

Me dancing with orbs! Photo by Antara May.

Me dancing with orbs!
Photo by Antara May.

I am a communicator with words and sometimes with my body, toning is another medium that can create a sacred space where it is possible to use the sound to come into coherence, when the brain and the heart beat as one! It used to be my favourite way but I must confess that relationship as a spiritual practice is head and shoulders above the rest for me these days. But I will be doing some groups with my Beloved and that feels like the next stage of creating this kind of energy, if people connect with our offerings they may experience great transformation over time. At worst they will have a fun session and end up feeling a bit like little kids, learning should always be fun I reckon, there will definitely have to be some kind of movement/dance element.

Kerry Laizans Photo by Antara May.

Kerry Laizans
Photo by Antara May.

Once again I feel excited at the thought of exploring ways of helping other seekers tune in and let go, looking forward to the Equinox very much! http://www.thejoining.com.au/

DreamSeeding New Realities.

orgasmic womanThe more we cultivate our Shakti ~ breathing, feeling, listening, heart undefended, feet on the earth, dancing in this moment ~ the more orgasmic all of life becomes. Orgasm isn’t just an “event” that happens between the sheets. It’s not dependent upon having the perfect lover or technique. It’s a liberation of the life force Shakti energy that has always been and IS you.

~ Lisa Schrader


I agree heartily with the above statement, and I would have done the same at any time in the last decade or so, in spite of some dark night of the soul periods that have been a part of my inner landscape at times. As I rapidly approach my 50th Birthday I can feel the life force stirring strongly in me, with the opportunities for growth and evolution unparalleled in this lifetime. Whatever your practice might be, do it…………yoga, meditation, toning, singing, dancing, communing with the stars! And I am not just saying this to women, everyone, men and women, all have access to the energy of shakti.

Or you could join the 42 day Blooming Humans Journey which begins on Feb 3rd, I have been through this process twice and it was inspiring and nourishing and helped me to grow. If you’ve been with me for a while you might recall “The Heartfire Gateway” on August 14 2013, when I was still posting every day. This latest Journey is about sparking our dream seeds into new realities, I am getting clearer every day about what I want to create and how I intend to fulfill my spiritual task on the planet, and have lots of fun along the way!


Time to let go of suffering, as my Beloved sometimes says to me, “Focus on the healing rather than the pain”, let go of whatever doesn’t allow you to be your natural ecstatic self. There is so much exciting potential simply teeming all around us if we can only see what is actually present in this magical reality that we all share.


Time to Grow…………..our dreams.