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Fasting Can Be Fun!

master cleanseI’m writing this on day two of a fast and at the moment I’m feeling light and energised, full of sunlight if that makes any sense to you! So far I’ve only done two days of this particular process and my experience so far is that I can go up and down during the day so I’m hoping to get this post done while I am still on more of an up. I did this for two days last week and it conjured up a funny kind of space where my thoughts were often in a cloud of confusion, at times I felt quite lost. And so I’m here once again and there are similar feelings going on but I must say when I tune into my body it is actually quite content.

Master cleanse 1

There will be veggie juice fasting coming up soon but for now I am preparing by doing what is known as the Master Cleanse. It’s very simple, make up a mixture in the morning using two litres of water with lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, that’s what you drink throughout the day. You can have herbal teas as well, especially if it’s cold, and where I live autumn is starting to be felt in the chilly nights, a welcome relief from a brutal summer. I always like to be as honest as possible on this blog so I am going to confess that I did have an almond milk drink on each of the two days of fasting last week. One was a Golden Milk which is a turmeric latte for those who aren’t familiar, and the other was a raw cacao drink with spices that I made for myself at home.

golden milk

Golden Milk

I wouldn’t do something like this if I had any kind of hard physical labour to do, even though my body is feeling ok I do get a bit light headed at times and the feeling of being lost seems to sap my energy. I certainly won’t be doing any overnight shifts on no food, which can make it a bit tricky to manage three days in a row which is what I’d really like to do. Last week when I got up on the third day it felt like something had shifted and apparently most people find that by day three it becomes easier. This is a fast that you can do for up to 10 days so next week I’m going to try to at least do the three days and see how I feel.

veggie juice fasting

Then it will be on to veggie juice fasting and coffee enemas, oh the delights of getting my body back into balance! Some of the program is certainly challenging but I can honestly say after just over a month of doing this that I am feeling much healthier. I’ve lost some weight and I feel much lighter and clearer. I’m also feeling very motivated to keep the sweet in my diet to a minimum and to avoid processed sugar like it’s the plague. Which it kind of is you know, a plague that is destroying the health and vitality of people all over the world. Don’t get me started! But that will do for today, tune in next time for the next instalments in Kerry’s journey into optimum health.