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Spirit In The City.

My recent trip away demonstrated to me once again that part of my role is to be a bridge between different worlds, in a shamanic sense we are talking about otherworldly realms. But in societal terms it is about moving in circles that almost feel like they are on different planets, even though they are in the same city. Rich and poor is an obvious contrast but even within the one strand you will find a huge variety in how people think about the meaning of life.

Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, Australia.

What I do encounter in the city on the rare occasions when I do go there, is the sense that a lot of the time people are actually trying to avoid thinking about meaning and purpose in relation to themselves. This is of course endemic in the culture but somehow it feels a lot stronger in a place where there are so many people packed into the environment. Everyone is rushing around until its time to settle in front of the television and turn off the brain, more of a dulling down in my opinion rather than relaxation.

Jacaranda trees in the city.

Jacaranda trees in the city.

Of course not everyone is looking to play their part in the latest zombie movie, I spent a few days with a friend who is a ray of sunshine in the cityscape. She held a toning night for me where I got to meet other amazing souls and connect with old friends. We toned for a woman in her nineties who was passing over at that time and it was incredibly powerful, I was toning with two of my toning buddies the next day and we felt it when she passed.

So if your destiny is to be in an urban landscape there is no reason why it cannot be a positive and uplifting journey, there is much to be done to change the way we do cities and the right people need to be there playing their part. For me though, the country is where I must be, this is where the land and I will sing together, nestled in the bossom of a wondrous and caring community.

May the land and I be one, forever and ever, amen……………..HO!

Singing The Land.

I keep thinking about the house sit I did back in May/June, and how it felt to be living on land that I felt a deep connection with, it truly is the happiest that I’ve been in years. And it was also during a time when very difficult stuff was coming up for me, being in a place where I felt so held made a tough time easier to navigate. Reflecting back upon all the different places I’ve lived, I’m trying to recall if that feeling has been there at other times. I can only think of one other place that has felt like that to me, it was during a period when I was getting fit and exploring the spiritual and psychic realms thirteen years ago.

Australian Forest Sculptures by William Ricketts. http://world-market-portraits.blogspot.com.au/2008/09/australian-forest-sculptures-by-william.html Photo Credit to jsarcadia

Australian Forest Sculptures by William Ricketts. http://world-market-portraits.blogspot.com.au/2008/09/australian-forest-sculptures-by-william.html Photo Credit to jsarcadia

I was living in a tumbledown house on the river bank in an area that I had wanted to live in for a long time, before I actually moved there I would sometimes drive down to the river and sit there in my car,  just feeling the energy of the place. I started off in a good place with my house mate, but it slowly deteriorated until things had become very challenging, and we ended up with another person in the house whose energy was very dark. It could have been a nightmare but I remember that time as incredibly productive, I was doing an hour of yoga a day, taking long walks,  meditating and toning, exploring crystals and my psychic abilities.

Obviously I was doing a lot of positive activities which on their own could probably account for me being in a good space in spite of the growing tension at home. But when I consider the power and security that comes with a feeling of belonging to the land, I can see that this played a huge part in my journey. It meant I felt safe enough to venture out into unknown territory, the dark energy that kept trying to drain me was a challenge that I met joyfully and most successfully. The Aboriginal people have that deep connection to the land, these forest sculptures by William Ricketts capture a sense of this relationship.

Photo Credit to jsarcadia

Photo Credit to jsarcadia

I have the sense of belonging in my community with the people around me, and that has been incredibly sustaining as I’ve continued on my healing path. But it may well be time to start looking for that home where the land sings through my feet, it almost feels as though a particular place is calling out to me.  Who knows how long it will take me to find it, but to manifest this into reality I need to let spirit know that I am ready.

Great Spirit, Gaia, Durga……………please support me as I search for the place where I can most clearly hear your voice, feel your presence, the place that I may call home. So be it, so be it, so be it.

Circles Of Love.

You’ve heard the expression, you can tell a lot about a person by meeting their friends, well the circles we move in certainly do reflect wherever we happen to be at, so making conscious choices about this aspect of living is an important part of creating change. Of course it goes hand in hand with inner change, as you shift your internal landscape the outer world will begin to reflect that back to you. If you are trying to bring about a positive shift in your life, then having people around you who will support you in that endeavour is immensely helpful, after all, we tend to have enough of our own resistance without anyone else adding to it!



I’ve reached an alchemical moment in my transformational journey, when the outer and inner worlds are beginning to match up and align, and everywhere I go there seems to be positive feedback  coming my way. If ever I am tempted to slip back into negative thought patterns about myself, this constant stream of appreciation helps to keep me on path. It’s like a golden light that fills me with love and gratitude, if all these amazing people feel like that about me, I must be alright! Not that one should ever be dependant on the approval of others but when the messages are coming from such a heartfelt place, it contributes to the creation of a loving kindness energy field, and that benefits everybody.

Painting by Alison Dinardi  "Circles of Love"  inspired by the vision of The Sterling Study Group http://whatanicewebsite.com/SterlingStudyGroup/

Painting by Alison Dinardi “Circles of Love” inspired by the vision of The Sterling Study Group

That loving field is what my toning circles are all about, we tone from our hearts, and the resulting frequencies create an energy that is so very yummy, it can help to bring us into the ecstatic state that is our birthright. So if you want to have positive shifts in your life, see if you can surround yourself with those who will understand and support the desire to move into a higher state of evolution. Time to become the future human, the seed that lies as potential in each and every one of us.

Screaming In The Car.

And now for the conclusion to our thrilling tale! We left our heroine (that’s me), lying in a circle of love receiving the healing that she so very much-needed, even princesses have to learn to receive. In fact with responsiblity can come over conscientiousness, so sometimes we royalty have to be very careful to schedule in down time. As a matter of fact I’ve been offered the gift of a healing to help shift this latest round of stuff, and I graciously said yes, it felt like exactly what was needed.

So the toning circle was divine, and so was the avocado dip and other goodies that we consumed with our cups of tea, as the group gathered to share food and good conversation. But before too long it was time for these lovely people to go on their merry way, as my dear mother and I prepared to go on to a very important gathering. In the circle we had toned for our dear friend, who has received a serious diagnosis, now we went on to a gathering that came together to offer support and tons of love to this dear, dear soul we love so very much.

As mum and I arrived we came into a scene of action, bright lights and men striding around with cans of beer, then I saw that a car had managed to get bogged. I’m so glad no one expected me to do anything about the situation, the men were obviously having a great time problem solving, and so we left them to it. There was such gentleness and love in the group upstairs, food being organised, wine being drunk and eventually beautiful voices being raised in song. But the gentleness and my exhaustion had almost undone me and I had to leave fairly early, I could feel the sobs wanting to come out.

In the car I sobbed and sobbed, I waited till I got home to scream but it probably would have been ok to do it in the car, no one around to hear me. Another big release, and then I was so exhausted it wasn’t hard to fall asleep and stay there. Woke feeling a bit wrung out but my day at the market connecting with wise colleagues, and doing readings for clients that reflected back to me my own journey, helped me get through the other side of that black tunnel.

The sound quality on this video is poor but if you go to the 6 minute mark you can listen to Dory Previn singing “Twenty Mile Zone”, all about screaming in the car. And consider checking out her music, she was an amazing song writer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdbhxD5B9q0

Dory Previn.

Dory Previn.

‎I was sooooo tempted to blame my trigger this time but wise counsel and my own knowing helped me not to go there. Taking responsiblity for your own stuff is such an integral part of the road to freedom, feels like I have managed yet another leg of that particular road trip.

May the journey continue as I expand into my own magnificence!

The Roller Coaster Ride.


The roller coaster at the fun park has been taking me to the edge, as I rode the energy of the New Moon and solar eclipse on May 10. Slowly rolling up and up with a sense of the sacred and of fun, creating an environment of beauty with good food, good company and mood lighting. That sense of being on top of the world, suspended for a moment…………then down with a gut wrenching dip as you scream and scream and the sobs come from the deepest part of you. Once again I am triggered into a big release and it seems there is still a lot of that unexpressed adolescent energy needing to be let out, oh Goddess will it never end!


In that space you start to stress about things that are absolutely fine, creating an environment where sleep is hard to come by, which of course ends up creating more stress. I put all that aside to prepare the sacred space for my special may toning circle, Mystical May and the Violet Flame, if you missed that post it came out on May 1st. I read the invocation to ground the new frequency of the violet flame into the physical, and we then toned for our youth and babies, institutions such as schools and prisons, the banks and pharmaceutical companies. We also toned to bring in conscious awareness and perfect health into those who are asleep, for the full invocation check out the post.

It was a beautiful ceremony and the energy that was created in the circle was palpable, it really took us all into a very deep place of stillness and quiet which was part of my intention for this circle. We still had time for people to receive healings and even I got to receive which was perfect, I could feel how much more relaxed I was after lying in the middle of the circle and receiving the loving frequencies that came from the group energy.

Tune into my next post for the conclusion to this fair ground ride, more thrills and spills, men being men and women leaving them to their masculine doing, a gathering of loving support for a dear soul in a precarious place, which way will he jump, and where will he land!

See you tomorrow!

Inspiration Lost.

At last the moment I always wondered about has arrived, I sit here with absolutely no idea what to write about, so I’ll begin by what is happening inside of me, and let’s see where that may take us. My belly is feeling uneasy again and I’m aware of a deep sadness that lies beneath my weariness, it has overtones of abandonment and loss.

The boundless energy I’ve been experiencing since my big release a couple of months ago seems to have deserted me, I hope it’s just a bit more rest that I am needing. Or maybe it’s time for more release, if that’s the case then I wonder what or who the trigger will be this time, I must remember to stay in my heart. Just tried to do some breathing in and out of my heart and I noticed some resistance, it’s like there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of this feeling of doom, I wonder if that’s Nellie Needy.

I will do a little toning, then meditate and maybe see what writing comes from that space, perhaps you will meet brilliance in my next post with inspiration and energy fully restored! Then to sleep, perchance to dream!


I did tone and meditate and the message was loud and clear, go to bed and rest and so I did and here I am in the morning, uneasy belly and furry head. I am off to my two-hour yoga class very soon so perhaps that movement of body and energy fields will begin to stir the pot of creativity. I will set an intention to clear the fog and to free up my life force energy and who knows what will happen, I’ve had some big shifts in this class before.

Home again and the energy is flowing as I release sorrow and loss, the messages keep coming from all directions, be still, go within, don’t try to make anything happen, simply be………………….and so I shall.

Manifesting Miracles.

I toned, I prayed, the teeth are still here this morning but they feel very strange and are sticking out ever so slightly, I guess you could say the miracle is that they haven’t simply fallen straight out! So I can go to my yoga class and smile at everybody, but after that it’s off to the dentist which is a two-minute walk away, and then it’s miracle time, can they stick this dodgy bridge back in for the third time? If they can’t can I go on with my life with a gap of three teeth at the front of my mouth while I organise (horror of horrors) dentures!!

My appointment is later this afternoon, with a different dentist to the lovely woman I usually see, I am trusting that this is spirit’s way of taking care of me, perhaps he will be better at this particular task. It feels like there are two people in my body at the moment, one feels sick to the stomach, while the other is full of trust and knows that this is perfect timing and that everything will work out to perfection. She who is positive is much stronger in me after the rise in my self-esteem, and she becomes stronger still as I focus on her.

What a grand opportunity to use my spiritual tools to navigate the situation, this writing certainly helps, the fact that it’s being witnessed makes it even more powerful. Once I have finished this post I will meditate and bring to life the reality that I choose to manifest, the dentist will show consummate skills and manage to put the bridge back in. I need to include as many of my senses as possible, the real challenge will be shifting the part of me that is scared, but  I will be kind to her, perhaps that will help her with the fear.

My perfect teeth!

My perfect teeth!

So wish me luck friends, I go into unknown waters with a chart that I hope will help me to navigate into safe harbour…………..may all the Gods and Goddesses be with me as I go.

Crystal Conversations.

I had a play with some of my oracle cards after shifting the stuff that was moving in me after toning circle, and one of the cards I got was Nimue from Lucy Cavendish’s Dragonfae Oracle. She brings transformation and rebirth and asks that I make the full commitment to self that is required to bring this about. She also counsels the use of crystals, and I found the most beautiful piece of celestite at the market the next day, that I just had to have. It supports spiritual and psychic gifts, calms and uplifts the emotional body, aids in mental clarity and is also good as an environmental cleanser.



Once I had it I couldn’t let it go, it’s kind of an egg shape that fits perfectly into the palm of my hand, and the longer I held it the more I could feel the energies moving through my body. It’s sitting by me now as I work at the computer, and I can feel my connection to it almost as if we were having a conversation at some subtle level.

Crystals can really help and support us in many different ways, they too vibrate just as we do and are a part of the energy field we all inhabit. So it’s not so suprising that there can be interaction between us, I was once saved by some shards of rhodochrosite, if you would like to read that story check out “My Strawberry Heart”.



I always wear some crystals when I go to work on the crisis phone lines on my overnight shifts, all of them offer protection and each have particular qualities that always seem in sync with the calls I get that night. On the nights I get more challenging calls I often find I am wearing rose quartz which supports the heart, or jasper which is very grounding.

In my next post I will tell you the story of my very first experience with a crystal, when it helped me to support my aunt in her passing.

Gratitude and loving blissings to my friends of the Mineral Kingdom, thank you for your beauty and for the wonderful support that you offer!


Sex And Death.

After the toning circle when we were having nibbles and cups of tea, I began to feel light-headed and a bit nauseous and had to sit down. I hadn’t had any lunch but there was nothing in the food to cause a reaction like that, so I figured I needed to get home and sit with whatever was coming up. So I sat with it for an hour, and felt the nausea in my belly move up until it was a pain in my head that eventually moved out completely.

It wasn’t until I began to write that I began to understand what I had been letting go of, it was abandonment and loss, loss of self and of my father, loss of purpose, of love, the death of all things. And the pain of my sexuality trying to blossom in the midst of confusion and despair. This has been a big theme for me in much of the shifting that I’ve been doing, but for now I think it’s more about cleaning up after myself and integrating. I’m not saying I’ve healed it all but there was a wholesale clearing that happened when I had my second breath session two weeks ago.

It was a holotropic breath session which means loud music and pretty much anything goes as long as nobody gets hurt! Early in the session I felt like I couldn’t breathe and eventually ended up crouched on my hands and knees feeling intense fear as my therapist used a pillow to give me the sense of compression. She felt it was a birth experience and she was right, my birth was extremely traumatic, there was a lot of anger in there too. I was making very loud sounds, and at one point there was an incredible harmonic that rang through my head, which felt like it was huge, my entire being resonated with the frequency. I don’t yet know the significance of that sound but I know it’s important.

Our birth is really our first sexual experience, and mine reflected what I was bringing in for my healing in this incarnation. I would love to think the job was complete but at the very least a big layer has shifted, and I find myself becoming more and more confident. There are times when the energy is moving so strongly it’s like a big power surge, it’s exciting and at times frustrating, but I am never bored!

Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva and Shakti.

Oh Shiva and Shakti, may I channel your amazing life force in the best possible way for me and for all life everywhere.

Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva and Shakti.

The Sound Of A New Age.

In my toning circle a couple of days ago we once again created a beautiful energy field that was totally unique, a gathering that is never the same twice, bringing together the frequencies that each person is holding in that moment. We toned to clean the waters of the earth, for the politicians who have strayed so far from their hearts, we toned for ourselves to express the feelings moving in our own bodies. We offered healing to each other through our sounds, and in the giving and receiving of that gift we became lighter, possibly a step closer to en-lightenment!

At the end of the day the most important thing for me is that I am fulfilling a part of my purpose on the planet when I bring a group of souls together to tone. Frequency may not seem as solid as a table or a chair but it has the power to create and to heal, if you are feeling down just doing some toning can really lift your spirits. In Darwin many years ago, there was a woman I knew with a very badly ulcerated injury who received toning for it, next time she saw the doctor he was totally amazed at the rapid healing that had occurred. In my circle I have witnessed participants gaining important insights about themselves as they step out of their comfort zones and into the unknown.

I’m honoured and humbled that such things can occur in the sacred space that I’ve created, that people feel safe enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable in that way. Every time someone releases something they have been holding on to, the entire field that we all exist within feels the benefit of that letting go. So know that when you are doing your own healing, you are making as much of a contribution as the social activist who lobbies for change. It’s all necessary if we are to truly move into this new age that is upon us, whatever your practice, keep it up!

My deepest gratitude to my darling bestest buddy Ulli, who introduced me to toning 25 years ago, may she always be filled with sonic delight, in my heart she will live, surrounded by light!

Here is an example of a group toning, try to listen to it as pure freqency and receive the vibration, you can feel it even when you are listening to it but if you are making the sounds yourself it is that much more powerful!