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Not So Crazy.

Time for the next installment of the horror movie, starring your favourite heroine, that’s me! I don’t feel quite so funny about putting this experience in writing after a phone call I received from a woman who was referred to me by a client. The timing is pretty extraordinary, just after I have published a post about psychic attacks and the importance of getting the information out into the public domain, I hear a story eerily similar to my own. There are differences, but the essence is the same, she is being attacked by an unseen force which seems to be stronger at night and is very frightened for herself and her son.

This woman was obviously a ‘sensitive’ but had always run away from her visions in the past, finally there was something going on that she couldn’t ignore and I did my best to offer her guidance on what to do. I suggested she visualise a protective barrier around her and her son, and also to ask her guides or higher self to help keep her safe for the night. In an indigenous culture she would probably have been recognised for her gifts and trained to use them for the benefit of the community.


When we ignore the unseen realms and try to pretend that only the tangible world is real, there’s an enormous amount of knowledge that is being more or less thrown away. It’s like saying that the tip of the iceberg is the only thing that is real because that’s the part we can see, of course the bulk of it is below the surface, not unlike the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves.

It really is time to wake up to the bigger picture, when we acknowledge the whole of life and our experiences how much richer will our world become! That vision is getting closer all the time, for some of us it is already becoming a reality, as more and more people awaken to the truth, as the world becomes a saner and happier place.

If you would like to know more about what a shaman does check out this article from “The Shaman’s Well”: http://www.shamanswell.org/shaman/what-is-a-shaman

The Sun And The Moon.

And so the ride continues, I open and expand with gratitude at my extraordinary life, then I am triggered into a release of tears and even a little anger, but mostly tears……….. I am sooooo tired, a big day, a big week, when I am weary it is much harder to cope with stress, and things that wouldn’t have bothered me at all tip me over the edge. Where there was some kind of clarity, I now feel confusion and doubt, yet in my heart I know that the path I am following is the right one, has the fool lost her faith??

As the flames fan and grow hotter, a black moth flutters from I know not where and lands upon my thigh, it stays there for a moment and then flutters on to I know not where. The moth operates in the dark and is connected to the light of the moon, what light does the moth see in me? The messages are many, she tells me of my ever-expanding intuitive sense, always huge but currently growing into what I can only describe as VAST! This doesn’t always mean that I KNOW what is going on in any tangible sense, with the influence of the moon we set out upon the sea of the unconscious, with no certainty of what port we will end up sailing into.


She tells me that I am on the path to attracting love, to continue on the path that I have chosen and to trust, even as my heart fills with doubts and fears. The moth has incredibly powerful pheromones and is confident about attracting her mate, this smell can be followed for remarkable distances……….the moth does not need to be overt in drawing her lover to her…….she is subtle in her allure.

And so I hold my desire strongly in not only my mind’s eye, but in the eye of my body, spirit and all the other layers of self. And with that in strong focus, I continue to step into my fullness, all of it, I shall not be overwhelmed for I am more than enough, I AM THE SUN RADIATING LIGHT TO THE WORLD!!

Blissings and love to you all!


Point The Trigger To My Heart.

I’d like to have a bit of a yarn about triggers, not the kind that help you to blow your brains out when attached to a gun, the ones that help you get your stuff moving. They tend to be the people you care about, or hate, the ones that annoy you on a regular basis, and of course when desire is involved stuff tends to come flying up from every which way!

The important thing to remember about triggers, is that most of the time the reaction you are experiencing is way out of proportion to what has actually occurred. In fact a lot of the time they have nothing to do with the feelings that are coursing through you, but the temptation to point the finger of blame and to project is very powerful. Not only are you dumping on an innocent, you are missing out on the opportunity to take responsiblity for your own feelings and let go of old patterns that are no longer serving you.

I’m the first to admit that I tend to go a bit unconscious when something nasty is moving through, but it doesn’t take me too long these days to realise what’s going on. If the situation seems to show my unwitting trigger in a bad light, I immediately cease any and all speculation about what was actually going on. After all, if it’s my own stuff coming up, then it’s inside my inner world that I will find any answers. And once I understand what my feelings are connected to, the situation that set it all off generally makes a great deal of sense, and I offer a prayer of gratitude and blessings to the one who has helped me into this space of greater clarity.

Now I’m not excusing bad behaviour here, if someone is rude or unkind or unfair, you have every right to respond in an appropriate fashion. There are people who have to be separated from the rest of the community because they are dangerous. But as Kabir said, “Do what you do with another human being, but never put them out of your heart.” When you harden your heart against another,  you hurt yourself as much as the other person, choose to be in your loving heart and you have instant protection. And the response you make is much more likely to be non-judgemental and appropriate to the situation.

Wherever I ramble it is always my heart that I come back to, in that still space full of love and acceptance, I feel welcomed and held. In these uncertain times when our inner beings are being flung around in the storms within, the heart is our safe refuge, the port that I call home.