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To Good Food, To Life!

The cells in my body are gently tingling as I sit here and write, not because I’ve been meditating, although I did do yoga this morning, nor have I done any more breath sessions. I am full of a gentle radiance that comes with making and sharing a vibrant living lunch with a beautiful soul, yet another of the wondrous beings I have connected with here in paradise.

If you haven’t tried zucchini pasta I highly recommend it, you will need a simple machine to make the spirals, I have a veggie twister, to see a picture and read my rave review check out my earlier post, Spirals of Goodness. It’s much better for me to avoid most grains most of the time, especially in the form of bread and pasta. So I make spirals out of zucchini and then just add the sauce which has goats or sheep feta and avocado, then top it off with grated goats cheddar. Add a salad to that and with almost all of the ingredients being organic you have a living feast that not only tastes good but fills you with life and joy!

And for desert we shared a slice of raw key lime tart with nut sauce, not made by me, that’s something for future aspiration, the pastry made from nuts rather than grains is so much nicer than the cooked variety. And to top it off there was raw chocolate from Loving Earth, I love their products, they use high quality organic ingredients and I do believe I can taste the love. Laugh if you will but a meal such as this is offering so much more than the basic nutrients, living enzymes, local produce (some from the garden where I’m living), and of course the absence of pesticides and poisons is a pretty important factor.

Raw Key Lime Tart.

Raw Key Lime Tart.

My favourite Loving Earth Raw Chocolate: Luvju.

My favourite Loving Earth Raw Chocolate: Luvju.

My power surges are coming from a variety of sources and eating good food that works for my body is certainly one of those factors, it makes sense to put living food into a living organism but we have strayed so far from this path in Western Society. Don’t let the so-called authorities tell you what’s right for you, start getting in touch with your body and see what it has to say on the subject. You might have to do a bit of clearing to get the messages through but it is so worth it!

To Good Food, To Life!

Spirals of Goodness.

Ok it’s official, I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just gave me the coolest present ever! We have  a no presents unless you really want to policy at christmas time, and my brother hasn’t given any for years, don’t get me wrong, he’s very generous, just isn’t into presents.

He has had long-term health problems ever since contracting Ross River Fever a long time ago, and early last year I put him on to a book called “Super Charged Food” by Lee Holmes. She cured herself of Chronic Fatigue when the doctors could do nothing, by researching food as medicine and applying it in her life.

David is a virgo so he is very good and very thorough when it comes to research, unlike his airy fairy aquarian sister! He got really inspired and has been practically living on super salads ever since, he has also discovered equipment to help make great salads, and this brings me to the star of this post!

Enter the Veggie Twister!!!!!!!!!! Mum has been using something called the spiraliser to create long twirly bits out of carrot and zucchini and beetroot, funnily enough I am not a fan of beetroot normally but when it has been spiralised I love it. Go figure, I don’t understand why but I do know that it makes an ordinary salad into something very special. The veggie twister is a lot smaller than the other machine, and so easy to use I was amazed, making my salads has become an entertainment that will not wear off in a hurry. My enjoyment of the finished result will never wear off, that I am quite sure of.

This is an important next step in going more towards a raw food diet, the green smoothies are still starting off my every morning, may do something else from time to time for variety but they are so easy to make and so delish! It is often the simple things in life that bring true joy and the veggie twister has brought such joy and delight into a life already overflowing with goodness!

By the way I apologise for all the exclamation marks, I think I have gone a bit overboard, but it is so hard to contain my excitement, it had to express itself somehow!!

Veggie Twister.

Veggie Twister.