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Sonic Prayers For A New Age.

I tried to have a sound circle in january but the storms, inner and outer, sent me in a different direction, if you want to check out those stories look at the posts after the weekend of the 26th and 27th of january. It’s been an intense time energetically speaking, if you are ready to shed layers of your stuff this is the time to be doing it, the cosmos will be there with its big sparkly broom!

So the first toning circle for the year ended up being on World Sound Healing Day which happens every Valentines Day, 2013 was the eleventh time it’s been held around the globe. There were seven of us in a cosy circle and it was a very gentle energy, I took another class in surrender as a matter of fact. I took everyone on a journey into the earth and invited them to allow themselves to be drawn to a particular part of the globe and spend time in the energy of that place. I asked them to find a sound that embodied that place and we channelled those sounds for our first merging of frequencies.

It was very beautiful and soft but I felt as the facilitator that I could maybe liven things up a bit, not that there was anything wrong with what was happening, but I sensed some restraint in a very subtle fashion and thought maybe I needed to do something about it. When will I learn! Set the space and let the group energy and flow show me the direction, my attempts to make things more lively were not jarring, but in the end I did what I always do, I surrendered and let my heart lead the way.

My heart knew when it was time to move into the ahhhhh sound, our sonic valentine to Mother Earth, and the timing was divine and what happened in our ceremonial space was exquisite. One of the participants had a big release that was incredibly powerful, I realised upon reflection later, that what I was sensing as restraint was probably the BIG stuff that was ready to move in her. She gave us a song to complete our circle and it felt like such a celebration, warm fuzzies all round in the form of wide open hearts!

I run my circles because it is part of my spiritual task on the planet, an important aspect of what I agreed to do before I incarnated. The more that conscious people gather to open their hearts and connect to the larger reality, sending the frequencies of love through the field of life, the more chance that humanity will transform rather than be extinguished.

Personally I’m in favour of the path of the heart, the one that leads to transformation, what choices are you currently making in your life? Are you in favour of extinction or the new golden age?

I Love You Mum.

The rains have come to our town and everyone is so grateful for the water pouring from the sky, not coming with storm and wind this time but plenty of it for the dry and dusty gardens and the water tanks. I look outside my window and all the different shades of green are glistening with the moisture, life is waking up, I can hear the birds celebrating!

I look around my room, here I am back at mum’s place, it’s comfortable but I am finding it a bit of a struggle finding my inspiration here. Not that creativity really need depend on where you are, if it truly matters to you then you can find it wherever you are, and I am determined to make this so!

Even as I write those words the answers begin coming to me, I need to connect with the earth, to go and walk on the land and feel the mother beneath my feet. And what better way to prepare for World Sound Healing Day! Here I am living in the beautiful country, and I rarely go out to places that are a hop jump and a skip away.

We inter-breath with the rain  forests, we drink from the oceans.  They  are part of our own body.  Thich Nhat Hanh

You didn’t come into this world.  You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.  You  are not a stranger here.  Alan Watts

Perhaps I will tell you the story of being buried in the earth in my next post, it was an incredible experience that taught me so much. The wisdom of Gaia is great, and if we can find the time to pause and connect with her, she has an infinite source of knowledge and understanding to offer us.

Thank you Mother, for always being there for me, even when I have been unable to be there for myself, you have been present beneath my feet. Your beating heart has kept time with the thunder of blood rushing through my veins, the dance of neurons sparkling through my brain. Always have you been here, my beloved, my beloved, my beloved…………………


A Sonic Valentine.

It’s about time I wrote something about toning again, and the timing is particularly good, as we are a couple of weeks away from World Sound Healing Day. The 14 of February is commonly known as Valentine’s Day, but for the eleventh year in a row there will be thousands of light workers around the globe sending Mother Earth a sonic valentine in the form of Ahhhhhhh. Ah is the sound that relates to the heart chakra, and when I make this sound I can feel my heart opening, it’s a beautiful sound to sing because it is so open.

When you tone it is possible to create harmonics, when this occurs you will hear a fundamental note but at the same time you’ll hear another sound above that which is happening simultaneously. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the sound is actually coming from human vocal cords, it can seem like the high notes on a flute. The first harmonic is vibrating twice as fast as the original note, the second harmonic three times as fast, the third harmonic four times as fast, and so on.

My harmonics do tend to be rather spontaneous, but to create them I am pursing my mouth and my tongue is arching up towards the soft palate, I find it impossible most of the time to create harmonics when making an open sound like ah. So to prepare for the first circle I facilitated on World Sound Healing Day in 2010, I sat and toned ah every day, sitting in the middle of a crystal grid. It seemed like hard work at times but persistence really does pay off, there was a day when I just surrendered to the process and my throat totally relaxed and the harmonics were there and they were beautiful!

I don’t think I have ever achieved that again but I will never forget what it felt like, and I’m sure I will go there again some day. There are so many amazing things to fill our days with, give me an income with no need to spend time at work and I will never be short of things to do!

So if you are drawn to the idea of sending the earth a sonic valentine, I invite you to check out this You Tube clip from Jonathan Goldman, there are links to his website where you can get more information on this special event. I will be holding a circle myself on the evening of the 14th and look forward to it very much indeed!